Sunday, April 8, 2018

You've Done Well; 김종현 ~

After leaving this blog for a long time
I dedicated this post to someone who is resting in peace
and whom I respect the most

For once
I still can't believe that he is no longer with us
Listening to his songs and voice makes me miss him more
It'll surely be the same to all his fans

I am not a true Shawol
but I do love Shinee
The first time I listened to Shinee
He is the one that I focused first
Seeing his talent and high note voice
(and for sure, the rest of them are damn good too)
He is a true catch

so many feelings left behind for this one soul
I still remember when I first heard the news
All of us were praying hard that he can be saved
As there were still some uncertainties of his current condition

All fandoms united to pray for him
It is something that most of us afraid of
knowing that depression is something that he has been facing for long
and for once it is not unusual there

We were all praying that the press release will tell us that he is safe
but at the same time, we will accept any news too

Somewhere near to midnight
the company released the news

He is gone TT

I knew this topic and news is something that not all will understand
on how we face it
some will argue and keep on debating
on how we feel about it

For me
I am sad
but not to a point that I will do sth beyond my faith

He is someone that I respect 
and a true talent that we love
His death opened our eyes
that depression is not a small topic
or something that you can take for granted

Dear Jonghyun
Time will fly
and people will change
but for once I know
You will always be missed

On this special day
You were borned
And forever
You will always be in our thoughts and prayers

You've done well
We miss you


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Moving to new roles

Haven't write for so long
Talking has been what I do daily, I meant, work-wise
So yeah - writing hasn't done its justice to me :P

4th month of the year
I am now assigned to new roles within the department
Hearing that I at first supposed to get one new role
but now its two
and both are with different systems
whilst - I need to handover my current role
which involved one whole different system

Learning has been good
I supposed
seniors at my place told me that shows people trust me to such responsibilities
should take it that way

I spoke to my new superiors
Truth is, transition time given was pretty short for me
Thank God they understand that it tbh is tough to grab all at once
I know I can do it!

I tire myself out (which I admit :P)
Some voices their worries that I work too hard
Moving on from above paragraphs
I truly admit
I experience stress
which I am now trying to learn how to manage and control it

I realized it pretty late
not until I get insomnia (sometimes) and bad headache (most times)
for overthinking and too tired

For then
I heard that people told me that I dont act myself
I am now become more quiet
and of course look stress

my stories are basically to tell me that
I should enjoy what I do

Well apparently I do enjoy it
just, too many works
and now I should learn how to manage 
to do BETTER

I think I forget to think about something
whilst worrying about things that I wrote


Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Year Resolutions (?)

I will start with how I still find myself at ease when I listen to her speech
A 4 years old girl made her way to my heart
Thanks little girl

Moving on to new year resolutions
as what this cute little girl said
we should go easy to ourselves
which I actually forget to think of that point
(or more on a point that I don't even realize that I am a year older >_<)

I have to tell this that my job now has so many expectations
and I think I worked myself too much
to one point that I find myself as workaholic

The surroundings and culture don't shine myself much
though I enjoyed meeting so many great people
To one point, I squeezed myself to learn and grab everything
which of course part of the things that I should pursue as a beginner

As I have so many on my plate
People will of course suggest that I do a to-do-list
which I did
and it never fully fulfilled
because of so many ad hoc things that I have to 'suddenly' do
which sometimes I don't mind
and sometimes I did

I don't deny that I learnt so many things
at a point, what I hate is me forgetting about myself
to enjoy my life more
and be happy with what I do
also - be grateful

I will just sit again and re-organize my head
and find who I really am
and chase for dreams that I have
would be good as of now

Happy Growing Up everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Do and Don't for Interviews

I just want to share some thoughts about the topic
What I shared might not be a good point 
by well, it might be good for others


1. Be sure to be early for your interview. Oh come on. I don't think I need to elaborate this ><

2. If there are forms provided or things requested by the company, do bring them.

3. If you want to ask vacancy at the company, please introduce yourself and what kind of position that you are keen to apply. It will help HR to let you know about their vacancy. But I tell you, this might not work to all recruiters. However, its never wrong to have some manners when you want to ask for their help right?

4. It will be best if you can state what you want, rather than pointing out anything that came to your head during the interview. Coming to interview means, you know you are showing your interest to the job offered. I have seen so many fresh graduates coming without knowing what they want to do. I should elaborate this to other entry but hey - show what you can do. You only have at least one hour to impress the hiring why not SHINE yourself? :3 

5. Learn to listen to what the hiring managers are offering you. Sometimes, I understand that there are too excited to speak, but at some point, you will need to listen and understand what they want you to know about said position. Now, some will say "you want me to listen, at the same time speak. Which should I do?" 
Well, speak when needed. Listen when needed. 
You have the situation under your control. But you need to understand that you need to respect the one who interviewed you.

6. PLEASE , show good attitude. If you are fresh graduates, there is nothing much to show but your attitude. But I don't say that "seniors" can do anything. Manners - should come from all levels. I hope that people can learn to remember that.


1. If you are late - kindly inform the company about it. If its reasonable reason, am sure they will understand it. But if you are late and so many excuses coming - sorry; can't help you. Worst - if you don't apologize. Its a major turn off.

2. Giving so many excuses will make hiring manager to have bad impression. It simply shows that you are not interested to the position offered, and you are just trying your luck coming to the interview. Understand that one can have so many opportunity to look for better job - but if you are not interested, just mention that you have no interest for the job.

3. Don't ignore their calls and email. If you are not interested to their offer, simply explain yourself and reason why you are rejecting them. It is better rather than ignoring their calls and emails. Do remember that you might want to apply to their company in the future. Hence, do keep a good reputation with them. 

4. PLEASE...don't answer a word to a question. Good lord that ain't helping. We only have at least one hour (or less/more) to interview a candidate. If you don't speak - nobody will help you. Interview is not the time to show how less you can speak - its to show what you want them to know who you are. You know yourself better than other people , so -


What I shared are not tips. Please don't be too rigid with it.
These are simply my thoughts and I hope that more youngsters are able to show a better attitude towards another phase of their life. 

I shall continue this when I have new point in my head.
Till then.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A new journey

All praised to HIM

Greetings everyone
1st November 2016

I learnt a lot along the time that I left this blog
I drafted few entries but left unsaid :P
Sorry, I don't write well much eceh

25th October 2016
This is a story about my convocation
I am all happy that I finally graduated
I am so damn happy that I don't realize that I made it
I am so so so happy that Allah still give me a chance to feel this
Thanks to all warm wishes and dua'
Thank you for those who came
Thank you for my family who waited for long for the ceremony
I cried when "UITM DI HATIKU" song played
been wanting to feel the feeling of having convocation
when I am in, IDK what to feel

Years of journey
Many friends come and go
A lot of memories created along the way

I lead the story to my journey with working environment
I never thought to have a chance to get the opportunity
Being able to work with an 'old' company
and in a position that I never thought that I will even sit
I know , I have to do well to show my appreciation

I am pacing and learning
Sometimes I am thinking if I choose the right path to go
Sometime ; I know , I have to pace on

The least that I can offer is to always do my best.

We have a lot to do; for our country and nation.
Be a graduate who can contribute something
for everything

I pray the best for everyone
I pray the best for me too
God is there for us
HE is always there

May God bless!

Thank you Allah
for everything!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A new pace (?)

Am writing this (on May 1st) in the midst of thinking of what I should plotted down , so that my paces after this will at least be ...smooth (?)

Last time, I went to my friend's graduation. Should there be a moment for me to remember what I should be doing now ; its when graduation songs were played and I sang weakly with them waiting for my friends outside the hall. I was sad. I should. Thinking that I should graduate now. But then I know things are better with what they are now. Am happy then. Silver linings are showing .

Lets come back to the first para that I wrote above. The moment when things are starting to change now. Of how you work on things and all. Friends are there when they are there. And everyone are working so hard at what they are doing now. Its good to see everyone is working so hard. But then all are working on their own , penetrates a sparks that...ahh, we are all grown up now. New environments are coming and you are growing up to a more challenging environments. It wont be easy , I know.

Which of why , somehow ... being a 'bold' person I am ; I am still scared.

Praying that everything will go well and everyone will success on their own paces :)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang subjek semester 6 - UiTM AM225 ( simple descriptions )

* I have been meaning to write this since Feb. Wrote some parts but I let it as draft till now. Please accept my apology for that. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Taiyou no Uta (A Song to the Sun)

I have been addicted to the song of the drama ever since before I watch the drama
Erika Sawajiri brought me to feel close to her acting 
since I watched her acting in One Litre of Tears

When I searched about it
there are few versions about it
but I don't dig about it much

back to this
this drama comes with few conflicts but not much angst within
the focus come with how Amane Kaoru live up her life
until her last breath working on her dreams
letting go a surgery even to chase her dream to sing
She was diagnosed of having an illness called XP
which not letting her to go out exposed to sunlight
of death will come to her

What I like about the drama is
of how they portrayed the strong and of how someone trust
the one that feel dear to them
even some people said drama wont bring much effect
for me , it depends on how people see it
I see it in a sense that one should give up on what they want to do
yes , as a human being , we might not have much strength as what drama portrayed
I dont thin everyone will do the same exact thing of what a drama told us
but at the least , learning something from what we watch is also a lesson

if you are interested to watch the drama
youtube has them but not uploader get them all I guess (IDK)
but I watched it here > Taiyou no Uta
this comes with english sub so guess it is okay

until then minna san !

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Plotting down...

How are things?
I hope everyone are doing their best at whatever you guys do

- my sentences are here and there- sorry- I forget how to write well:P-

I have been spacing out from world for a long time
twitter and music have been a great place for me to hide
I am sure this isn't the best option
 coz lot of people will tell me I am wasting my time

Whilst people pacing up studying
I am losing myself up to all kpop updates and all
while I am trying to catching up my breathe for those things
updating wasn't the only thing that I am facing

for a long time 
music has been a great company to me
I don't deny that
most of you knew it

deep in me
there are a lot of things going on as well
which am sure everyone is facing this
the perks of when we know what we think we knew what we are facing
despite how small and big they are
for me , getting scolded and humiliated by someone that I havent meet is usual
for me it is big and it did give me a big impact
which am really thankful for.
for other people,
it is sth they dont bother coz its not theirs?
guess so? guess not? idk

its always cliche to come and talk about the same thing
of how people will eventually talking about themselves
well we are all human anyway
being selfish is what we do
different is
how many percentage we put on it

time flies and we can start to see
who within our circle show how much they care for you
as when I thought "ahh , she never does this and that"
at the end
she is the one running to me giving her best when am at my lowest point

me trying to adjusting my trust and respect to elders changed too
people started to see am able to do this and that
my respect in giving away my opinions
of how I say it and all
or should I say it or not

I will come through each points and see how I can be "good" to them
but they ruin my respect and not respecting me at all 
making me to forget how being respectful is
I choose to stay away and do my stuffs
the best option so far
for someone that I dont know
in real world

I started to be ignorant and choose what I can do best at what I do only
even being a good listener is still within me
I started to doubt people again
and me with "new" thought taught me to be choosy
and ignore what I don't think necessary
but I don't take all these as good steps

I just focus on those who I think I get my focus on
even in wider scope 
I just think what I can reach
coz I am so tired 
to care about anyone else now
coz I guess am taking too much time before
I lost my time for myself
and I am not denying that

as in
I am ignoring people
but I keep on trying to be someone who can give sth
at the same time thinking about myself
and trying to do my best about others
am contradicting in every lines but guess thats how complicated 
things are when I am trying to compress what I felt for months in an entry :P

but well
in conclusion
am doing good
but tired
thats all

how about you?

if you say that I didn't ctc you
my twitter was terminated (coz lol me for forgetting to re-activate)
my youtube was terminated (I don't lie , I cry for this. damn rules. 812 subscribers T_T)
IG ( data sucks so I just come when my idols updating :P)
whatsapp ( I mute most groups. sorry not to sorry)

am just around my world and doing things on my own
am growing up well
hope you are too

to my close friends
that I haven't ctc for long
I am always praying the best for all of you
am just not into conversations much lately
but deep in me
I am always wishing that Allah will always protect you for me
I am sorry for being a lame and boring friend
take care

do well
live well


I hope in everything that we do
we will always think that we are not alone
I always forget this
hence why I am all miserable
do what makes you happy
if you intend them for good things
Allah will repay you back with good things

Monday, October 26, 2015

Thousand Years ...

Listening to Christina Perri's - A Thousand Years ; reminds me to a close friend of mine who has meet God long time ago. True that I was not her best friend but she was such an angel who will always create such a great memories to everyone around her. Her sudden death news made me freezed and I still remember that I can't even visit since I have test. The effect was not only to me but everyone who know her. Years and when my friends open up about her story , we will smile and stay in silent ; remember how great she was. She always showed to us that nothing is hard and always be happy with what we do.

I know Allah will always bless her soul. She deserved HIS paradise. For my dearest friend , thank you for being exist. I am so happy to know you once and we are all missing you.

For once , I am gonna let this song slide (I usually skip this song because it really reminds me to her) because although I am not that close to cry but honestly , your existence means something to us and we all know ; Allah loves you more than anyone in this world.

May Allah bless you and everyone around me always ~

Thursday, October 1, 2015



It has been a while I think? Hope that everyone is doing fine. I am working hard here so ; I guess else are doing the same.

Leaving my trace here again ; to write about something that I thought I should share with all of you. It has been a month for me with classes. Everything is fine despite that not many from my batch are here anymore.
Being in the class with juniors is a total new thing for me. I guess most are so afraid with a super senior like me. Haha. //I am honestly don't know//

But what I want to write here is about the class. I really like my lecturers even most those who learnt with them said that they are demanding etc. I am honestly okay if people say that they are tired with classes etc , but I kinda not agree if someone talk bad about the one who teach them in front of me (adding up if the said person teach me too).  

/ idk why I feel that I shouldn't mess up with my words in this entry . Is it because this is a bad topic? >< /

Well. I am pretty sure most teachers will have their own way to teach us. And yes...even if we teach people , we will have certain demands and rules for our students to follow , no?

I guess I feel that with my trainees (debate). It might be a different level of teaching for me to compare , but perhaps the initial idea can be the same.

I guess , most teachers want the best for us. If we follow what they want and do our best , I don't think anyone will complain about you or what we do.

I am sorry if I am wrong , I just wanna share what I think is right for me to say. ^^

Lets try our best and may Allah ease our journey !

Best of luck everyone ! Take care ! Hope that everything will be fine ^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang subjek semester 5 - UiTM AM225 ( simple descriptions )

I will straight away to the point.
but before you read any further , this is done solely based on what I learnt.
what we have at Faculty now is arranged based on new academic arrangement.
( I just don't want to confuse anyone // just in case you are XP )

FYI , final year focusing on Top Management subjects. 
Thus , I personally can never say that any papers stated will be easy.
All you have to do is study , and yeah ; that's the most cliche thing that I can tell.

BEL 432 (Business Professional Correspondence)

This is an English paper. 
It ain't that hard (provided that you study it) , but it ain't easy either.
This paper concern more on how you are going to use proper
language when you are dealing with things related to business.
The final will be the same as other BEL papers.

ACC292 (Taxation I)

This paper shows the basic understanding about Taxation.
What I meant by basic is , it is really basic that I can tell you ; 
you might lost your way if you don't understand from the first topic to the end. 
Thus , make sure that you understand each topics , so that you won't confuse
yourself at the end. This is because , each topics will relate to next topic. Plus , the understanding of
this paper , will be continued to Taxation II paper during your Semester 6. 

ACC 394 (Company Account)

This paper is a whole new level of accounting ; compared to what you have learnt before.
The topics learnt are focusing on Account applied at Company.
basic accounting understanding is needed. Well , all I can say is , practice makes perfect.
Just , don't think that understanding debit and credit is enough to score this paper.
Remember when I said that ; this is the start of your final year.


Well , I don't think that I need to elaborate this anymore. 
You have two semesters with this subject already :P

ADM 609 ( Company Secretarial Practice I / CSP I )

I am sure you have heard this paper before and how crucial this paper is.
Yes , this is a killer paper ; and none of us are joking about it.
Not to say that you can never score ; there are people who scored A.
However , make sure that you study hard for this and do your exercise and readings.
Never ever ever think that you can score this paper at ease ; if you don't study.
Point is ; DO STUDY AND READ !

ADM 602 ( International Business Environment )

This paper will focus on how business is done for 
International affiliation & also on the environment around it. 
This paper needs a lot of outsource readings. 
Honestly , this paper is not as easy as how the title is 
(well , if you think that it is easy :3 ) .
The least that I can say is , be sure to focus in class
and listen to what your lecturers tell you in class. 
Do your preparation , read newspapers everyday and also , don't be lazy.
I don't really know how to describe this paper well ; but I hope that you guys will score :)

(Please refer to code in the picture above)
[ sorry that I can't help much on this part ]


I am not taking this paper , so I don't much (like really , sorry)
but this paper will require you to handle an event (this might be the same as SOMA paper)
and the details of what you will learn , I am not sure what to write , afraid that it might be wrong.

ADS 503 // KM 

Since my housemate is taking this paper , I can write a bit about this. 
Well , this paper will tell you about how to manage the knowledge? XD
Okay , sorry , I can't write much too about this ><

ADM 653 // SOCSO

Well , this paper will focus on the rights that you have when you are working.
This also include the benefit that you will get through it. Well , when we work , there will
be medical benefit etc etc. Thus , we will learn those things in this paper. 
Also on what are the entities that related to it.

As a reminder , for Taxation I and CSP I 
be sure to pass these papers , or else it will be hard to take Tax 2 and CSP 2 papers.
Also , please don't play around people. 
If you still don't realize that you are in your final year already , 
graduating on time might be in your dream.

Lastly ,
be sure to remember that we are studying because of HIM
and be sure to correct your intention of why you are studying.
Set a goal in your life and embrace it well.
I am wishing you all the best.
Best of luck :)

A/N : I am so sorry if I don't help much. and ahh , 
about notes , I will suggest you to use a new one instead of what your seniors have used.
Like really. because usually lec will give you new notes every sem // depends //
and for past years , am sure you know where to download them. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TRIANGLE ~ between love and hate

So there are people updating how great their Eid is
and here I am updating how 
I have a date with my Korean Drama XP

I have downloaded this drama long when it was released (2014)
too much affections for this drama
this is the first drama that Kim Jaejoong is the lead of all dramas he was in

I watched it half way 
and decided to keep it at paused due to my studies
as at a certain concern 
this drama needs more focus to understand it
adding up with the casino knowledge it in
well , its a new view to learn about

I would love to give all stars to this drama
not because it is bias
but because of the plot
just that , it concerns you with 26 episodes
thus , it might take some stars from your ranking
depending on the love level for the plot

even if I said that I like the plot so much
there are certain improvements that they might want to take into concern
of how slow they make the story be
though I understand that this drama involved so many thriller scenes
they don't have to focus much on the emotion much
although ... well , I have no right to talk much about this
however , the drama is still deserved a thumbs up

these are the OST of the drama that I can attached

Happy Eid and have a good day everyone ~