Wednesday, January 30, 2013

be with me

you are so far away
yet I want to meet you

I can't reach your voice
but I want to hear you

I want to go there
but I am not able to

I don't want to go beyond this
because I don't want to lose you

I don't know why is this happening
but yet I can't figure this out

I want to go out from this
but I just can't reach it out

I still don't understand myself
please don't blame me

I want to be with you always
please don't leave me

I want to be by your side
please be with me

Sunday, January 27, 2013

no issues

kadang2 xde issue pun yang perlu dibangkitkan
tapi kepala otak serabut fikir
tak tahu kenapa
i mean 
there are things to be said
or discussed
or whatever
but still
we always think that
there's always something
wondering around
inside your head
forcing you to understand it by yourself

tapi aku tanya kat diri
" apa yang aku fikir nie? "
macam masalah budak tak de kerja
so lame =='

and there's a time
bila tiba2 kau tak de mood
macam down serious down
tapi macam tak tahu apa masalah kau
aku tak tahu lah aku jer ke yg ada masalah nie
tapi when this happen
sometimes aku tahu apa masalahnya
cuma tak tahu nak cerita
atau we are waiting for the right person to listen to it

well this might relate to
what we think others will think about us
you know like ...
bila kau asyik cerita masalah cinta ( or apa2 masalah pun )
kau rasa orang lain macam menyampah nak dengar
when sometimes 
ada jer yg best listener 
who want to listen to that

we always confining ourselves with this assumption
that others will think us this way that way
and this doesn't help to make us better for God sake
kadang-kadang rasa lagi serabut ada

aku rasa
biar jer lah apa yang orang nak cakap
macam cth aku post merepek kat sini
if you like it , thank God
if you dont , i still appreciate it coz you read till the end :)

being positive is good aite ? :D

for me
motivating others tu kadang2 akan buat kita motivate diri kita sendiri
buat kita ingat fakta2 yang akan buat orang tu be better
dan dalam masa yang sama 
buat diri sendiri ingat benda2 baik
yang ada dalam kepala

you know
bila kau fikir benda yang tersasar dari fitrah dan fikrah
beristighfar lah banyak2
ia akan membantu diri kita jadi lebih tenang 

aku harap aku boleh jadi matured sikit 
utk tangani masalah aku 
menerawang asyik rasa macam selalu ada masalah jer

ok peeps
take care :)

p/s : 
aku tgh dengar playlist lagu My Girl 
sambil menaip sebab baru habis menonton 
cerita itu buat kesian kalinya
happy sebab jumpa satu file of the OST dekat 4shared :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013


hai all
today i wanna talk about misinterpretation

I would say that this might be one of them lame issue to talk about
but believe me
this always happen
i don't know whether this is just my instinct on something
or what ever that people say
but misterpretation always exist
here and there

this is focused on relationships
never mind whether it is for your friend
or whoever that you knew

I do have a problem with people who always misinterpret what i said
i think perhaps i am the only party who think that way
i don't know
but you know when it comes to the situation that 
you talk a lot and people starts to angry with you
or when i ask different question
he/she will reply it differently
which makes me think
whether i have asked wrong question or 
you are the one who did not understand about it

well this goes on and on
i don't have courage to ask
or to know any further
whether he/she misterpret with what I said
so I just go with the flow of conversations

or on the other case
i am being good to someone
which others interpret it as
i LIKE that person
which actually I am NOT

lets say if i talk with you a lot
or hang out with you a lot
or whatever whatever whatever
doesn't mean that I have the same intention
yeah i mean , to LIKE you
i don't know

the safe way to go
is to stop talking with them
to avoid all these misinterpretation
i mean , 
not talking to them that frequent
especially to guys
i dont think if I am doing the same to girls
that might shows that I am weird

well I would say
I do have more boy friends
compared to girls
and that makes others think that I am 'bad' too

even if I think I don't care what others say
this is kinda tired to avoid to
you know the feeling of not being in comfort zone
when you are with your friends

I hope that I could do better in social life
not only in social sites only

take care all :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

it is not easy to be a housewife

have you ever thought that being a housewife is the easiest job to do?
well i will say that it is not that way

you know
starting early in the morning
they have to boil the water , think on what to prepare for breakfast
then waking up the children
then thinking of what the husband would want to wear to work
ironing their clothes
perhaps her husband want to bring some food to office
then cleaning up the table
start to do the laundry
hang them up , and pick them up when it's already dry
think on what to cook for lunch
buying things for the preparation
tea time
bla bla bla
that is not included when the husband are depending 
on her for children's education
for cleaning up the house
for this for that
you know

have you ever thought
when you lost you socks or even t shirt
who are you calling to get them back?
your mom right?
how do you ask her for it?
yelling and waiting for her to get things back?
or try to look first and then you ask her?
which one?
if your mom ask you to get it by yourself
have you ever say to her as
" what have you done at home? you are the one whose doing the cleaning and things "
have you ever say like that to her?


i dont wanna say anything
but hey you could think that by yourselves

only when she wants to lay down and rest
that is when you want to look everything in this world
mom , where is my this , bla bla bla
consideration is needed
you could find it by yourself at first right?
yeah at least

have you ever see your mom or wife laying down to rest
then you say
" hey , do some works , prepare the dinner or whatever ,
dont just laying down like that , i am tired coz i just came back from work "

you know that when you came back from work or school
or whenever you have been before
she has done everything in the house from morning till night
non stop
and when she wanna have a rest
yet you say she hasn't do anything?

lets say if a wife is working
she still need to do the same
when the husband are resting and waiting for the rest to be prepared
that is not the right way i guess

you know
everything will be easier if you do have some consideration
if we help each other to make some move with the house chores or whatever
that would be better right?

so what i am trying to say is that
try to appreciate what you mom / wife or whoever in this world
that has done everything for you
you know to let the house to be in harmonious way
everybody should get involve in it
not only by one party or some party

having family is the same as having a management in the office
when once you rely on one party to do the job
you will never beat the rest in terms of profit and quality management

lets have a thought about this
and makes some move to make things better
i would try the same here

take care everyone

be someone who could contribute something to your house hold ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THE TOWER - with trailer in eng sub :)

yesterday i have such a great day with my roommates
the last day of our semester
so we have decided to watch a movie

here it is


it is a korean movie
telling about a tower called SKY TOWER
it start with the enjoyment of celebrating christmas eve
 ends with a tragedy of
the fall of the tower
and most of the occupants of the tower died

in this story
the problem of the case start from such a small problem
when the equipment to stop the fire were not in a good condition
and this was told by a worker there
non of the rest take serious about that matter
and it end up seriously
when the whole tower was in burn

this is seriously pertain a lot of people as it was viewed that this is one of the highest tower built

at the other part
this story also emphasize on how fireman works and sacrifice themselves
to save other people
on of the good view in the story

i was thinking that
in my opinion
if in real life
if in anything that we do
we could cooperate with each other
upper and lower management
that would be the best

so far
i could say that this movie is awesome
try to have a look at it

have fun then

take care :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

stay awake

" early morning , she wakes up , knock knock on the door "

pernah dengar lagu ni tak?

its britney's song - LUCKY 

tak tau kenapa galak sangat nak guna lirik lagu lama

well this morning
i woke up early
i cant sleep last night
dah nak pukul 3.30 am baru boleh tidur kot
( mana nak sedar kan kalau dah tidur :P )

so macam mengantuk sangat ni
tapi dah biasa rutin macam tuh
so padan muka sendiri lah kan
nanti kena belajar betulkan balik lah

so last paper
esok ... petang
ehm , kat kolej ni
mostly dah balik
and faham tak perasaan bila kau exam
hari last
waktu paling last

paper aku
2.15 pm - 5.15 pm
wish us luck :D

so i've done with my laundry
sekarang hadap benda alah ni
sebab takut aku tidur balik
( tah pape tah alasan :P )

i wish i could be more productive today :)
May Allah bless us always :)

take care

picture of the day 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

long way to go

being 20 is not that easy i know
jumpa kawan2 masa sekolah
ramai dah ada plan nak kahwin dah

(like seriously?)

ouh my , yes

am still here waiting for a prince to come 

sebenarnya aku pun xtau nak rasa apa
susahlaa benda nie
susah nak interpret macam mana
aku rasa macam malas nak fikir
mungkin belum masanya

aku kena plan balik apa aku nak
masalahnya aku rasa macam

" why i feel so ALONE? "

memanglaa semua benda aku buat mostly nya sorang
(excluded for things decided by parents)
tapi rasa macam
aku tertinggal kat belakang


kalau dalam bab cinta2 kau please jgn tnya aku
aku x pro
hati sendiri pun aku xtau haha
muda lagi kot

but in chasing my dreams
aku rasa aku kena buat plan balik
rasa macam dah lari sikit
aku kena belajar bnyk lagi
serious bnyk sgt aku BELAJAR !!!

penatlaa tulis macam ni

skrg dalam mood yg mana aku rasa
aku sangat x perlu over dalam apa2 yg aku cakap
tapi entahlaa 
aku pelik sikit malam nie

mungkin lepas paper akaun tadi kot?

mata aku penat gi le sekarang
aku kurang tidur kot
bangun2 terus hadap laptop buku akaun
erk =_=

the paper was ok
hope for the best result
inshaa Allah

aku ada lagi satu paper jer lagi
which is LAW245
stands for Malaysian Legal System
( different laa from what student law belajar )

so konklusinya

1- love , i think i'll shouldn't really concentrate on that much (idk what to say)

2- bnyk sgt benda aku nak kena kejar , 
makanya , aku perlu buat TO DO list kembali
short and long term list

3 - semester satu degree dah nak habis , 
makanya perlu bersedia utk semester yang akan datang

4 - aku bnyak cakap , kalau aku pelik tu mesti ada something.
malam nie aku x bnyk cakap ...sebab , penat nak cakap bnyk2

5 - good luck to all in whatever that you do

so thats it
xde structure sgt
if you do the reading thanks a lot :)

semoga berjaya pada those yg akan mengambil LAW245
moga Allah permudahkan kita semua

take care

gambatte kudasai :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

my first video :)

this is about my final examination :P

1-  CSC413
2-  MAT112
3-  CTU551
4-  ADS410
5-  ACC114
6-  LAW245

please ignore the grammar mistakes
and the noise behind it
hope you enjoy it :)

p/s : i'll appreciate your comment if you have any :)

good luck everyone !!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

a day with kak rufa and ...

hari ni
aku berjalan di IKEA hampir satu hari
dari pagi sampai ke petang
this is the first time aku ke sana
aku pergi dengan kak rufa

am gonna say
IKEA use an interesting inter phase to attract their customer
first2 tadi kitorg pergi showroom dia
dekat showroom nie dia lebih tunjukkan konsep
how you want to use their product for your house

aq suka konsep 2 gambar di atas
blue , lepas tu ada lampu2 bagai
i mean , i preferred to have simple bedroom
idk , saja nak berangan kejap kan

teringin nak meja study besar macam nie
sorang2 jer conquer

take white color for wider view of an environment laa
ruang kecil nampak luas
bajet macam interior designer lah pulak kan

this is for those who have kids
this is kinda cool too :3

would love to have these lamps :)

so dah tgk showroom apa semua
am thinking
like wow 
how can they have such a great idea to have all these concepts?

and then bila dah tgk barang2 and concept2 dekat showroom
dia ada number for each item yang dia pamerkan
and you just have to write on it
later on nanti
bila nak choose dekat bawah tu kira senanglaa

ok dah habis jalan2 semua
kitorg pergi makan

so since ramai yang suka makan meatball kat ikea
so aku try makan
it was delicious :)

nie apa yang kitorg semua makan :)
kenyang kot (Y)
ok laa
aku pun x makan banyak pun kan

dah penat apa semua
kitorang makan ice cream
buat sendiri kot
*actually just tekan a button , lepas tu ice cream tu keluar sendiri :P

try to have a visit to ikea if you haven't do that

so yeah
till next entry :)

p/s : all the pictures are credited to the showroom of ikea's

pisau kata

biar mereka berkata kata
aku pedulikan
aku tahu mereka tiada kaitan

tapi aku tahu
dalam hati yang padat ini
aku sorokkan pisau belati
buat perisai dari hati yang mati
kerana busuk x bererti
memancing rasa membunuh dalam diri

kau tahu
kata2 kau macam puaka
tak mengenal hati dan perasaan manusia
kerana kau hidup dalam awan jingga
mati busuk tiada siapa sangka


kerana kau tiada hati
cakap macam xde otak berbudi
aku doa seorang diri
biar kau berasa
pengalaman jatuh berdiri
tidak hidup berpaksikan fantasi

kerana apa?

kerana aku tiada rasa utk menjatuhkan
aku mahu kau bangkit sebagai manusia
bukan syaitan bertopengkan identiti
biar kau rasa
hidup ini perjudian langkah
bukan bergoyang kaki semata
aku mahu kau sedar
hidup ini tidak mudah

Thursday, January 10, 2013

FEARS ??? let it go !!!

retrieved from : ( the link stated in the picture)  

DREAM : hey you , chase me

ME : why should I? Am not good to do that

DREAM : Why is that so? You have all those good values inside yourself

ME : but I am afraid that people will laugh at me

DREAM : why care about others when you are doing the right thing?
it is good to chase on good dreams

ME : is that so? am I capable to do that?

DREAM : If you believe in yourself , I am sure that you can.

ME : I know , but fear is something that I can't just throw away easily from myself !


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new interphase

aku tahu
dah lama aku x edit interphase blog aku
disebabkan sekarang nie
aku selalu dengan blog dan tumblr
aku tukar interphase nya
aku x bosan

what a reason :P

penat kot nak edit semua
dah laa baru habis jawab exam
nak lepas lelah kat sini pulak
somehow tensi aku terubat sedikit
its ok
i'll get back to my work after this
i'll try to make sure that

am gonna say
facebook dan twitter
agak membosankan bila kita hadap hari2
membaca dan berkongsi cerita mungkin 
adalah perkara yang terbaik
cari kepuasan untuk diri sendiri sudah cukup aku rasa
sebab aku x tahu berapa ramai
yang suka nak baca entry aku
if there's any
thank you so much :)


i hope i'll be good at writing in the future
take care all 


hey there everybody
i just finished my 3rd paper
stands for Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia paper

actually since semalam
aku x lalu nak makan
stomachache yang melampau
bangun pagi semalam 
aku makan few slices of breads
and then seriously sakit perut sangat
dari malam before tuh pun dah sakit pun
so apa yg aku makan for lunch tuh 
macam xde effect
makin sakit pulak perut aku nie
malam semalam
aku try makan nasi
sakit perut dah kurang
tapi pagi yang nak exam nie
aku risau takut masa exam aku still sakit perut
tapi aku tahan jer laa

habis paper CTU ( which as stands for TITAS before )
aku ajak Farhana makan kat luar
serious aku cakap kat korang
aku dah xtau nak makan apa
kat dalam kampus nie ha
dah hampir satu sem makan benda yang sama
aku rasa macam dah x lalu sangat
plus aku tahu
kalau aku makan kat situ pun
it still wont really help to increase my appetite

so kitorg makan kat Pizza Hut
macam xde kerja lain en 
makan kat tempat yang mahal
duit berkepok kan 
" sangat "
tapi aku tnya kat farhana
kat mana nak makan kat tempat yang worth
tapi x pedas sangat and kenyang
so we went there just now

grill chicken baked rice & passion hot tea
disebabkan nak makan nasi jugak kan
aku order grill chicken baked rice
and passion hot tea for drink
idk why i ordered hot drinks
but am sure air sejuk akan membuatkan 
perut aku lagi sakit
tapi it was nice laa dapat minum air panas

so this is Farhana
a close friend of mine
yang satu kelas dengan aku
pergi kelas sama2
duduk dalam exam hall pun x pernah jauh

she eat the same dishes as mine
tapi dia minum air soya
aku tnya dia
" x nak minum air tea ke farhana? "
dia cakap
" xmau laa , aku x suka air teh "

btw thanks farhana sebab teman makan :)

so lunch dah settle
so aku balik rehat apa semua
and here i am now
aku xtau kenapa
tapi aku rasa macam penat sangat
sakit perut dah makin ok
tapi still ada lagi
hope it will get well soon

our 4th paper is on 12th Jan
ADS 410
best sangat belajar subject nie
tapi sangat banyak ye chapter nya

wish us luck yaww
take care loves :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

assumption doesn't help

sekarang nie aku sedang
menghadap semangkuk ruski
berperisa tomyam
sambil menaip
di hadap komputer riba tercinta
ecewah ayat

so talking about having simple dishes
kadang - kadang
bukannya makan sebab nak jimat duit jer
* tapi mostly nya macam tuh lah kan *
sometimes the reason
tu macam saja nak enjoy makan makanan ringan ke
or sebab nak rasa jer ke perisa tu sedap ke x
(macam point yang lame jer ==')
or whatever that you think is suitable for that matter

people are questioning 
how can she be so slim , but she eats a lot?
how can't I be like her?
oh why is he has such a good body shape?
pretty much to be adore by girls?

let me clarify on something
it is not what a person want it to be like that

lets say
if I eat a lot
and doesn't seems to gain some weight
that would show that I have a high body metabolism
or sometimes
I dont want to eat much
since dah memang x suka makan banyak 
or memang cara makan family I macam tuh ke?

body shape?
there's no easy way to get the beauty
you have to work on it
do some exercises
( this is based on some observation )
just let yourself enjoy your time of exercising
do it for your health
not to let others to adore you
it wouldn't help much

my point is
do not assume that others can have such a body shape alone
without doing anything on it
perhaps he/she has a good habit that you 
have never seen they do in front of your eyes
who knows that he/she run over when he/she goes to the class?
instead of walking slowly?
who knows if he/she has some particular diseases that makes 
himself/herself be like that
(not pointing to anyone)
who knows who knows who knows
that we do not know
what he/she has done
which can makes others so jealous on them
that they themselves don't know why

this can goes to others aspect too
well on studying
on behavior
on the way of his/her cooking style

instead of thinking of why others are doing so and so
why not you improve your side to be better?
wouldn't that help?
or why not you take those jealousy 
( perhaps that's the right word )
to motivate you?

aku xtau kenapa 
tapi i've found out that
assumption sometimes can makes you feel hurt inside
macam assume benda yang kau xtau
lepas tu kau fikir tah pape
fikir yang positif x pe jugak
nie sebaliknya
kan dah kacau jiwa kau

sometimes am doing the same
that's why rasa macam berani nak cakap
sebab aku fikir2 balik
dari aku sibuk2 kan diri aku fikir pasal orang
baik aku try cari mana positive point yang aku boleh ikut
and adapt kalau boleh
kan dah win2 situation kat situ
x menyusahkan orang lain 

haha ok 
ruski aku pun dah habis
see you later 

^ _ 8

online movie

being so excited bajet stress kan
aku menonton movie macam x ingat dunia
tgk movie online nie best jugak 
save tiket aku tgk wayang

kalau ada shopping mall
and ada panggung wayang dekat2 mesti best kan?

masalahnya memang xde pun
nak kena jalan jauh2
for ONE MOVIE!!!!
memang x lah weyh
banyak lagi nak fikir

memang kalau xde kerja
and bnyk masa tu lain cerita
tapi masalahnya
ada ke?


tadi tgk istanbul aku datang
buffering x lama pun laa
it was ok for the whole story

dah habis movie satu jam lebih nie
bajet x ingat ada paper hari rabu nie 

catch you later

^ _ 8

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Jan 1993
one cute little baby was born
his name is Haziq Aiman
* i wish i can have a picture of yours when you're a baby , hehe

dear haziq

ingat x bila kita mula2 kenal?
macam creepy kan masa tuh?
kita sama kelas masa darjah 1
i still remember i was sitting in front of you 
and you were sitting beside ira fatin izzati 
at that moment kita fight nak dapat markah lagi tinggi
but yet , u yang dapat masuk kelas first
sobs sobs

i think our best moment masa darjah 3
when you become the ketua pengawas petang
*thats not the point , LOL
and kita sama2 fight nak dapat no 1 dalam kelas
bila i no 1 , you dapat no 2
vise versa 
* tp i yang selalu menang , haha
akhir tahun , both of us dapat no 1
nampak x permainannya di situ , ahaks :P

you dulu pernah wakil sekolah peringkat tilawah
i think thats the first sekolah kita buat tilawah time perhimpunan
still remember kot how you put ur effort on that

and darjah 4 you pindah sekolah
tapi nasib sek agama kita still sama
and it goes on until standard 6

lepas tu kita lost contact
and macam x sangka i met you back masa 
lepas SPM
creepy moment is when i saw your facebook
and i add u
*xtau kenapa , tapi rasa kelakar :P
we start to contact each other after that 

there's a lot of things that I've shared with you
 how I wish that I can always be by your side

thanks for always supporting me
for always believing in me
for loving me
even though we are far far far away from each other
what ever people are saying about you or me
believe in me
we are stronger together
and i hope that our friendship remains till jannah :)

Happy birthday my dear
hope you have a happy life
live under HIS bless always
your life is full of barakah
sihat selalu
senyum selalu
get the best result for foundation
be the best syariah lawyer ever 
success in your life in whatever undertakings that you are in
I am always supporting alright :)

and I want you to know that
I am so glad to know you
and I am so happy that you are my best friend :D

May Allah bless you always :)
(: Haziq Aiman :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

kertas final pertama

hari nie bermulanya exam final aku sbg
pelajar ijazah
di kampus shah alam

 papar start pagi
so kena turun awal
nak tunggu bas

paper start pukul 9 pagi
tapi mestilah kena sampai awal kan
buat kat DATC kot
ramai sgt exam kat situ
so mestilah ada urusan nak susun
duduk kat mana apa semua
kalau lambat
xde laa tempat duduk kau
ada , tapi .... 
malu laa kau cari time semua orang dah duduk

gambar yg di ambil pagi tadi
jam 7.40 pagi *lebih kurang laa
semua sedang menunggu bas

pagi tadi aku ada paper CSC 413
ok boleh tahan laa soalan objektif dia
subjektif pun ok la
tapi so far
aku boleh buat

tapi bila dah habis exam tuh
aku rasa macam

" aku kena belajar kuat lagi utk paper2 yg lain "

i really wish i can score dean this semester
dan semester2 yang lain juga
inshaa Allah
aku doakan yang lain pun berusaha ke arah yang sama
dan Allah permudahkan urusan kita semua

paper pagi tadi
ramai yang keluar awal
so nampaklaa senangnya paper tuh
" senang " lah kan

so , lepas nie aku ada paper business math pulak
doakan aku ya

love you all

wassalam :)