Monday, December 23, 2013

LDR =='

Its a random title
well not really
well whatever

short jump
first paper is on 30th December
I haven't prepare much

I online a lot
I watch videos a lot
I subbed videos ( a lot >< )
I upload videos
I download videos

I read book less
I eat less ( I am so broke right now >< )
I sleep less

few news
I have received my B.A.P 2014 Season Greetings ( a big yeay for me , ngee )
I bought 2014 epop calander 
I bought books
I bought tshirts
I watched movies
I hanged out
I drive 
I call people
I throw the phone coz people are not answering
lot of things happening aite?

I am waiting
I am looking at the sky
thinking of you
with the hope that you are doing fine
I am still in touch with my love ones (family for sure)
no worries
I am scared a bit coz this always makes me scared
 (Idk how to express that in writing )
till we meet again
until I am sure what is the right expression that I should show
It has been a long time since I sent you the other day though (ehm)
the rest ( i guess? )
I keep them to myself  XP

I wrote fanfics
I stopped for long
not that I dont have idea
I just dont have much time
(provided to sub videos? lols? ) XP
 well its only left for climax i guess
IDK who will read my story though
its in asianfanfic dot com
well , just FYI :P

I guess this is it
until we meet again
wish all the best for me and the rest
ttyl :)