Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A new journey

All praised to HIM

Greetings everyone
1st November 2016

I learnt a lot along the time that I left this blog
I drafted few entries but left unsaid :P
Sorry, I don't write well much eceh

25th October 2016
This is a story about my convocation
I am all happy that I finally graduated
I am so damn happy that I don't realize that I made it
I am so so so happy that Allah still give me a chance to feel this
Thanks to all warm wishes and dua'
Thank you for those who came
Thank you for my family who waited for long for the ceremony
I cried when "UITM DI HATIKU" song played
been wanting to feel the feeling of having convocation
when I am in, IDK what to feel

Years of journey
Many friends come and go
A lot of memories created along the way

I lead the story to my journey with working environment
I never thought to have a chance to get the opportunity
Being able to work with an 'old' company
and in a position that I never thought that I will even sit
I know , I have to do well to show my appreciation

I am pacing and learning
Sometimes I am thinking if I choose the right path to go
Sometime ; I know , I have to pace on

The least that I can offer is to always do my best.

We have a lot to do; for our country and nation.
Be a graduate who can contribute something
for everything

I pray the best for everyone
I pray the best for me too
God is there for us
HE is always there

May God bless!

Thank you Allah
for everything!!!