Monday, December 19, 2016

Do and Don't for Interviews

I just want to share some thoughts about the topic
What I shared might not be a good point 
by well, it might be good for others


1. Be sure to be early for your interview. Oh come on. I don't think I need to elaborate this ><

2. If there are forms provided or things requested by the company, do bring them.

3. If you want to ask vacancy at the company, please introduce yourself and what kind of position that you are keen to apply. It will help HR to let you know about their vacancy. But I tell you, this might not work to all recruiters. However, its never wrong to have some manners when you want to ask for their help right?

4. It will be best if you can state what you want, rather than pointing out anything that came to your head during the interview. Coming to interview means, you know you are showing your interest to the job offered. I have seen so many fresh graduates coming without knowing what they want to do. I should elaborate this to other entry but hey - show what you can do. You only have at least one hour to impress the hiring why not SHINE yourself? :3 

5. Learn to listen to what the hiring managers are offering you. Sometimes, I understand that there are too excited to speak, but at some point, you will need to listen and understand what they want you to know about said position. Now, some will say "you want me to listen, at the same time speak. Which should I do?" 
Well, speak when needed. Listen when needed. 
You have the situation under your control. But you need to understand that you need to respect the one who interviewed you.

6. PLEASE , show good attitude. If you are fresh graduates, there is nothing much to show but your attitude. But I don't say that "seniors" can do anything. Manners - should come from all levels. I hope that people can learn to remember that.


1. If you are late - kindly inform the company about it. If its reasonable reason, am sure they will understand it. But if you are late and so many excuses coming - sorry; can't help you. Worst - if you don't apologize. Its a major turn off.

2. Giving so many excuses will make hiring manager to have bad impression. It simply shows that you are not interested to the position offered, and you are just trying your luck coming to the interview. Understand that one can have so many opportunity to look for better job - but if you are not interested, just mention that you have no interest for the job.

3. Don't ignore their calls and email. If you are not interested to their offer, simply explain yourself and reason why you are rejecting them. It is better rather than ignoring their calls and emails. Do remember that you might want to apply to their company in the future. Hence, do keep a good reputation with them. 

4. PLEASE...don't answer a word to a question. Good lord that ain't helping. We only have at least one hour (or less/more) to interview a candidate. If you don't speak - nobody will help you. Interview is not the time to show how less you can speak - its to show what you want them to know who you are. You know yourself better than other people , so -


What I shared are not tips. Please don't be too rigid with it.
These are simply my thoughts and I hope that more youngsters are able to show a better attitude towards another phase of their life. 

I shall continue this when I have new point in my head.
Till then.