Sunday, April 16, 2017

Moving to new roles

Haven't write for so long
Talking has been what I do daily, I meant, work-wise
So yeah - writing hasn't done its justice to me :P

4th month of the year
I am now assigned to new roles within the department
Hearing that I at first supposed to get one new role
but now its two
and both are with different systems
whilst - I need to handover my current role
which involved one whole different system

Learning has been good
I supposed
seniors at my place told me that shows people trust me to such responsibilities
should take it that way

I spoke to my new superiors
Truth is, transition time given was pretty short for me
Thank God they understand that it tbh is tough to grab all at once
I know I can do it!

I tire myself out (which I admit :P)
Some voices their worries that I work too hard
Moving on from above paragraphs
I truly admit
I experience stress
which I am now trying to learn how to manage and control it

I realized it pretty late
not until I get insomnia (sometimes) and bad headache (most times)
for overthinking and too tired

For then
I heard that people told me that I dont act myself
I am now become more quiet
and of course look stress

my stories are basically to tell me that
I should enjoy what I do

Well apparently I do enjoy it
just, too many works
and now I should learn how to manage 
to do BETTER

I think I forget to think about something
whilst worrying about things that I wrote


Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Year Resolutions (?)

I will start with how I still find myself at ease when I listen to her speech
A 4 years old girl made her way to my heart
Thanks little girl

Moving on to new year resolutions
as what this cute little girl said
we should go easy to ourselves
which I actually forget to think of that point
(or more on a point that I don't even realize that I am a year older >_<)

I have to tell this that my job now has so many expectations
and I think I worked myself too much
to one point that I find myself as workaholic

The surroundings and culture don't shine myself much
though I enjoyed meeting so many great people
To one point, I squeezed myself to learn and grab everything
which of course part of the things that I should pursue as a beginner

As I have so many on my plate
People will of course suggest that I do a to-do-list
which I did
and it never fully fulfilled
because of so many ad hoc things that I have to 'suddenly' do
which sometimes I don't mind
and sometimes I did

I don't deny that I learnt so many things
at a point, what I hate is me forgetting about myself
to enjoy my life more
and be happy with what I do
also - be grateful

I will just sit again and re-organize my head
and find who I really am
and chase for dreams that I have
would be good as of now

Happy Growing Up everyone!