Thursday, April 9, 2015


of all circumstances 
I am always happy
to love someone like you
and I don't even realize
that I have this ever since school

this comfortable feeling
this thought
these prayers
those comforting phrases
those calm stares
those "whatever" smiles of yours
I have always feel comfortable and save
to live within

and this feeling
I want to let it alive
within words
and smiling to you
like how we both always do

this is bluffing
I am not perfect
neither you
you always tell me that
and accept me for who I am

the time difference and distance
make me appreciate things a lot
even we cant really meet up
I know that you are always there
under HIS blessings 

thank you
I am always happy
to be me
with you

these words
are for you
for someone who always open up his thoughts for me
because , I miss you
a lot

hope to meet you soon. when you are here. landed on the same land where we both stand. and be weird together , again. okay , another bluff is coming. whatever. people always ask me of why I like or love someone weird like you and there is me with .... " damn , idek " ><