Sunday, April 16, 2017

Moving to new roles

Haven't write for so long
Talking has been what I do daily, I meant, work-wise
So yeah - writing hasn't done its justice to me :P

4th month of the year
I am now assigned to new roles within the department
Hearing that I at first supposed to get one new role
but now its two
and both are with different systems
whilst - I need to handover my current role
which involved one whole different system

Learning has been good
I supposed
seniors at my place told me that shows people trust me to such responsibilities
should take it that way

I spoke to my new superiors
Truth is, transition time given was pretty short for me
Thank God they understand that it tbh is tough to grab all at once
I know I can do it!

I tire myself out (which I admit :P)
Some voices their worries that I work too hard
Moving on from above paragraphs
I truly admit
I experience stress
which I am now trying to learn how to manage and control it

I realized it pretty late
not until I get insomnia (sometimes) and bad headache (most times)
for overthinking and too tired

For then
I heard that people told me that I dont act myself
I am now become more quiet
and of course look stress

my stories are basically to tell me that
I should enjoy what I do

Well apparently I do enjoy it
just, too many works
and now I should learn how to manage 
to do BETTER

I think I forget to think about something
whilst worrying about things that I wrote