Friday, September 30, 2011

sem 1....DONE !!!

and pleasant day to everyone

i'm just finish my first sem
well its kinda


well sedih bila thn depan kitorg jer
i mean xde junior
and paling sedih , 
senior2 dah xde...

kuantan will be like

teringat time latihan debate
time class
pergi library ada senior

i'm not kidding
i'm gonna miss them

i'm just wondering to myself
waa...dah habis sem 1

cam x percaya

i just finished my FINAL EXAM
hopefully semua org dpt flying colour result

we are going to have a break for about 1 month and half
and we are going to start our new sem
with harder subjects

hopefully everything are going to be ok

i have MUET

hope to get band 4
and i pray that for my friends too

wish to have it

wish me luck
see ya


Monday, September 26, 2011

i'm happy for myself

as salam

today i do something that really make me happy
previously some people keep on advising me to not to do something if you are not responsible for it

i trained myself not to keep on doing it
there are some people who always wanna rely on others
and thats not fair man

and i'm trying to get used to it
so that others will not ask me 
to do something that i shouldn't do again

it's an achievement for me
i want to learn to be firm to myself

thanks for those who keep on advising

aja aja hwaiting


Thursday, September 22, 2011

YongSeo - Banmal song (official) ENG subs


maen cheoeum neoreul bodeon nal
sujub giman hadeon neoye malgeun misodo
oneuri jinamyeon gakkawo jilgeoya
maeil seolleneun gidaereul hae

museun mareul geonde bolkka
eotteohke hamyeon niga useo julkka
soneul geonde boda eosaek hae jilkka bwa
meotjjeok eun useum man useo bwa

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwe gireul
ajik jogeum seotureugo eosaek hande do
gomawo yo raneun maltu daeshin
jomdeo chinhage mareul hae jullae

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwel geoya
hangeol eumsshik cheoncheonhi dagawa
ijen nae dununeul bara bomyeo mareul hae jullae
neol saranghae

neowa ye soneul jabdeon nal
shimjangi meomchu deuthan gibun deure
museun mal haetneunji gieok jocha anna
manyang seolle neun gibun ingeol

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwe gireul
ajik jogeum seotureugo eosaek hande do
gomawo yo raneun maltu daeshin
jomdeo chinhage mareul hae jullae

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwel geoya
hangeol eumsshik cheoncheonhi dagawa
ijen nae dununeul bara bomyeo, mareul hae jullae
neol saranghae

uri seoro saranghaneun sa iga dwe gireul
jabeun duson yeongwonhi nohji anheul kkeoya
bara boneun neoye nunbit soge
haengbokhan misoman itgil barae

uri seoro saranghaneun sa iga dwel kkeoya
akkyeo jugo pyeonhi gidaemyeon dwe
neoreul boneun naye du nun bitchi
malhago isseo
neol saranghae

hope you enjoy this
saranghae yong hwa oppa <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


assalamualaikum and pleasant day to everybody

now i am in final exams week

facing 6 papers

wish me 
and my friends
good luck

this is the battle
even this is just the first sem

first step is important right?
pray for us ya

insya Allah

see ya

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Top universities, colleges in Malaysia 2011 / terbaik universiti, perguruan tinggi di malaysia 2011

629Universiti Sains Malaysia        1 

694Universiti Teknologi Malaysia        2 

731Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia        3 

771Universiti Putra Malaysia        4 

788University of Malaya        5 

995Universiti Malaysia Perlis        6 

1126Multimedia University        7 

1133Universiti Teknologi Mara        8 

1344Universiti Malaysia Pahang        9 

1491International Islamic University of Malaysia *        10 

1572Universiti Utara Malaysia        11 

1838Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia        12 

1838Universiti Tenaga Nasional        13 

1862Universiti Malaysia Sabah        14 

2106Open University Malaysia        15 

2127University of Nottingham Malaysia        16 

2154Universiti Teknologi Petronas        17 

2274Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia        18 

2993Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris        19 

3333Taylor's University College        20 

3450Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka        21 

3847Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman        22 

3859Universiti Malaysia Terengganu        23 

4571Universiti Malaysia Sarawak        24 

5011Universiti Tun Abdul Razak *        25 

5068Monash University Malaysia        26 

5266Universiti Industri Selangor        27 

5375Wawasan Open University        28 

5528UCSI University        29 

5554Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Campus        30 

6117Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology        31 

6628International Medical University        32 

6716Help University College        33 

6795Tunku Abdul Rahman College        34 

6809Al Madinah International University        35 

6867Universiti Kuala Lumpur        36 

6995National Defence University of Malaysia        37 

7003Segi College        38 

7027Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (Universiti Darul ..        39 

7209Universiti Malaysia Kelantan        40 

7608Limkokwing University of Creative Technology *        41 

7826KDU College        42 

7991Selangor International Islamic University College        43 

8326Sunway University College        44 

8529Malaysia Theological Seminary        45 

8705Malaysia University of Science & Technology        46 

8772Olympia College Malaysia        47 

8864Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus        48 

9345Malaysian Institute of Management        49 

9479University of Malaya Medical Center & Faculty of M..        50 

9541INSANIAH University College        51 

9879Taman Pertanian University        52 

9897Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College        53 

9911International Centre for Education in Islamic Fina..        54 

10114Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia        55 

10143Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences        56 

10169Disted-Stamford College        57 

10169Berjaya University College of Hospitality        58 

10281Asia e University        59 

10425KBU International College        60 

10831New INTI College        61 

11254TATI University College        62 

11571Nilai International College        63 

11889Asia Pacific University College of Technology & In..        64 

11975AIMST University        65 

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