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apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang subjek semester 5 - UiTM AM225 ( simple descriptions )

I will straight away to the point.
but before you read any further , this is done solely based on what I learnt.
what we have at Faculty now is arranged based on new academic arrangement.
( I just don't want to confuse anyone // just in case you are XP )

FYI , final year focusing on Top Management subjects. 
Thus , I personally can never say that any papers stated will be easy.
All you have to do is study , and yeah ; that's the most cliche thing that I can tell.

BEL 432 (Business Professional Correspondence)

This is an English paper. 
It ain't that hard (provided that you study it) , but it ain't easy either.
This paper concern more on how you are going to use proper
language when you are dealing with things related to business.
The final will be the same as other BEL papers.

ACC292 (Taxation I)

This paper shows the basic understanding about Taxation.
What I meant by basic is , it is really basic that I can tell you ; 
you might lost your way if you don't understand from the first topic to the end. 
Thus , make sure that you understand each topics , so that you won't confuse
yourself at the end. This is because , each topics will relate to next topic. Plus , the understanding of
this paper , will be continued to Taxation II paper during your Semester 6. 

ACC 394 (Company Account)

This paper is a whole new level of accounting ; compared to what you have learnt before.
The topics learnt are focusing on Account applied at Company.
basic accounting understanding is needed. Well , all I can say is , practice makes perfect.
Just , don't think that understanding debit and credit is enough to score this paper.
Remember when I said that ; this is the start of your final year.


Well , I don't think that I need to elaborate this anymore. 
You have two semesters with this subject already :P

ADM 609 ( Company Secretarial Practice I / CSP I )

I am sure you have heard this paper before and how crucial this paper is.
Yes , this is a killer paper ; and none of us are joking about it.
Not to say that you can never score ; there are people who scored A.
However , make sure that you study hard for this and do your exercise and readings.
Never ever ever think that you can score this paper at ease ; if you don't study.
Point is ; DO STUDY AND READ !

ADM 602 ( International Business Environment )

This paper will focus on how business is done for 
International affiliation & also on the environment around it. 
This paper needs a lot of outsource readings. 
Honestly , this paper is not as easy as how the title is 
(well , if you think that it is easy :3 ) .
The least that I can say is , be sure to focus in class
and listen to what your lecturers tell you in class. 
Do your preparation , read newspapers everyday and also , don't be lazy.
I don't really know how to describe this paper well ; but I hope that you guys will score :)

(Please refer to code in the picture above)
[ sorry that I can't help much on this part ]


I am not taking this paper , so I don't much (like really , sorry)
but this paper will require you to handle an event (this might be the same as SOMA paper)
and the details of what you will learn , I am not sure what to write , afraid that it might be wrong.

ADS 503 // KM 

Since my housemate is taking this paper , I can write a bit about this. 
Well , this paper will tell you about how to manage the knowledge? XD
Okay , sorry , I can't write much too about this ><

ADM 653 // SOCSO

Well , this paper will focus on the rights that you have when you are working.
This also include the benefit that you will get through it. Well , when we work , there will
be medical benefit etc etc. Thus , we will learn those things in this paper. 
Also on what are the entities that related to it.

As a reminder , for Taxation I and CSP I 
be sure to pass these papers , or else it will be hard to take Tax 2 and CSP 2 papers.
Also , please don't play around people. 
If you still don't realize that you are in your final year already , 
graduating on time might be in your dream.

Lastly ,
be sure to remember that we are studying because of HIM
and be sure to correct your intention of why you are studying.
Set a goal in your life and embrace it well.
I am wishing you all the best.
Best of luck :)

A/N : I am so sorry if I don't help much. and ahh , 
about notes , I will suggest you to use a new one instead of what your seniors have used.
Like really. because usually lec will give you new notes every sem // depends //
and for past years , am sure you know where to download them. 


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