Thursday, March 31, 2016

apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang subjek semester 6 - UiTM AM225 ( simple descriptions )

* I have been meaning to write this since Feb. Wrote some parts but I let it as draft till now. Please accept my apology for that. 

took me long enough to come with description about final semester
I am sure those who read this will understand how hard it is surviving in final year

back to usual disclaimer
do note that this entry is solely covered simple descriptions
and what stated is what I felt about it
there there
I should proceed

This is a continuation paper from Taxation 1
whilst you learnt about basic in Tax 1
it continued to this paper
just that you solely need to understand 
how to use all data you learnt in Tax 1
dont sell your Tax 1 textbook (like please) 
because you will need to use it for this subject
there are few topics in Tax 2 are in Tax 1 textbook
also , am sure not all of you remember all details in tax 1
so that is why
other than that , its the same that practice should be done

A killer paper indeed and I don't deny that (nobody will)
also this paper is a continuation from what you learnt in CSP 1
there will be mock meeting done
hence why basic will be use here since mock meeting 
will cover how AGM will be done for a whole year event
i can tell a bit how mock meeting will be done but not all
since your lecturer might change it in your semester
what i did was on how you divide yourselves with your tasks
who will be BOD , in front and behind the scene
but for this , consultation with your lecturer is indeed crucial
basically you will have to refer to company which came out with notice 
and it is easier if you find notice with AGM 
that will happened with the same date as your mock meeting
for my part , i did chairman agenda 
but what i failed to do is to try look up for their M&A
hence , it lacks up in the details
other than that , dont copy your seniors note
we were told to do so since notes will be revamp depending on the changes
done by the Act or anything that fit
listen to your lecturer people

Ehm , this paper consist of calculations , theories , data etc
usually the class will be 3 hours straight combining lecture and tutorial 
usually we will use manual that will be provided by lecturer
we dont use textbook though
but if you insist to use one
okay je. your money /heh/
the rest , dont leave out ANY question in past year
do them all !
honestly , dont spot any questions
it never helps if you do it that way

this paper requires a lot of reading. 
I will lie if I said this paper is easy. And I cant say its that hard tho. 
I guess being in final sem sure let you know how many papers do require us to read a lot and csm is part of it. Case studies are in. You have case studies in final and even your assignments will consist of case studies that you need to present..well guess that's pretty usual. So in brief, corporate strategy is about the plot and strategies and all sort of stories related of how strategies are done in management. Other things, you will find throughout your semester. 

Corporate Governance and Ethics
This is one of the killer papers. Am not sure if I can manage to explain this paper well. Ehm, you can literally learn the meaning of it in first chapter (lol am not helping)
What I can tell you in brief is that, this paper is fun to learn because it is totally a whole new level about top management. It will require you some time to lead what is this paper about, but it will be just fine IF you read a lot, do know about the recent news, do know how to analyse those news and how to basically interpret what kind of cg do we have in there. Technically, I cant say I do well in grading basis for this paper. What I can tell you about is I kinda work a bit hard to understand how to work on the cg issues. There are a lot (like really) and for you to determine what it is ; is by meaning of focus in class and understanding the issue of the case (since most require you to understand case study basis). I do admit, my lecturer's explanation did help me a lot and she is so awesome with that ! *imissher*

Practical Training
Well the regulations for this paper change by semesters. Even how the gradings are done. So do make sure to be alert with any annoucements made by the faculty and do refer to kpp if you dont understand about it. There usually be a meeting of how you will be doing this paper so need not to worry and dont miss (skip) the meeting !!!


Service Management
I took this paper and it was my first time too having class with juniors coz literally my batch was the last which has the subject at part 6 and new cohort has it by part 5. So...this paper does what it says which shows that you will learn about how will you handle services. Well thats pretty baseless but yeah. Idk how it is done now but during my time, there will be presentations done in group each week (till all topics done). We have to present about different companies each week done by eqch person in the group. So one person will present one company based on the question given. There will still be written assignement done , comprising of all questions presented so you kinda have to analyze all questions by means of one company and also with a video with it (?). So far , yeap ; thats what I remember about it. It sounds complicated huh? But for me personally, I like it. This paper is like you counting fact from qm and all of how services are done and all. Presentations? Its will never be a problem if you prepared well :) dont worry. This is an easy paper. 

Managing Change
what I heard is the paper is about how changes are done. Nothing much that I can say since I dont take this paper but for sure , reading is a must :3

Fundamentals  of Research and Data Analysis
Well technically since this is an elective paper, I dont think this paper is as detailed as Sc Admin students'. What I heard is you still need to analyse (and do research of course) about a topic but not as deep as sc admin students. Am not that sure of the grading now but well , things might change in few semesters to come. Do refer to your lecturer for this aite.

Guess thats it
I hope that I helped some of you
Do well. Dont play around ; like please
I hope all of you will graduate with flying colors
Till then



  1. Thank you so much for these entries. I just finished Asasi Law a month ago and after reading all of your entries on BCA, I've been thinking on furthering my study in this course (although the final semester result is not out yet haha). I only have one question tho (for now), what is the career prospect for this course?

    1. Greetings ,
      Thanks for visiting and reading my entries. Am glad if they helped you :)

      Well , career prospect is a wide question for BCA tbh. But I can only give you roughly about it and what I think about it aite. Well , I assume that you read all my entries about BCA (?) , and if you did , I do hope that you will get some pictures of how BCA will go.

      Since we covered most areas in management , I can personally that we can go to any career (which related to management) that might fit. But if you ask me specifically , we are focusing in preparing ourselves as Company Secretary. Its a big role for a company , hence why we need a lot of understanding in most area. and if you ask me about what my friends and I are doing now , some proceed to this line after graduation , some are not. Some continued their master too. So yeah ... :3

      I hope that I answered your question :)
      I hope that you will pass your foundation with flying colors and do well in your degree. No matter which line that you will go , I hope that you will do your best :)

      If you are accepted as BCA student , though I can't say that it will be easy , but I can tell you that I enjoyed my life as a student. I kinda miss it now too ~ BCA is a challenging course and it is fun to study this course (well , I hope that you can see what I feel within it :3)

      Of all , enjoy what you are and will do from now. May God ease your journey ~ ^_^

  2. Thank you for writing a lot about this course akak! I am interested! Nak tanya pasal uitm seremban 3. How's there? Best tak?

    1. Most welcome. I am happy if these can be a great help for you; happier since you read my entries. Thank you so much!

      My batch was the first to enter seremban 3. It was a total new place so it's still lacks in so many ways at that moment. But am sure now that there are a lot of improvements as time goes by.

      I enjoyed my time there. Am sure that you will too. I hope that I answered your question.

      Regards ^_^

  3. Another question - is it true that we can become a lawyer (that does not involve chambbering) after graduating from this course? For example, a corporate lawyer. Sbb ari tu ada ceramah psl course ni, and penceramah tu kata bole jd lawyer, cuma jd lawyer yg tak bole masuk court je la.

    1. Tbh, am not that sure if it is true or not. I am so sorry coz I can't help you with this. I do think that it is best to refer to KPP or lecturers about it. ^_^

  4. i just finished my study in diploma public admin but confuse la nak ambik ni or BAS. so what you're going to do next? i mean kerja or what? kalau kerja u pilih apa je?

    1. TBH the decision is still up to you. I akan suggest you compare all subjects yang ada in the course and let you take a time to think which you prefer most. Job scope is quite open for both courses, just ; BCA is more corporate and focused on company structure and BAS is more towards administration in general (in my opinion)

      I am working now and I dont choose what I am working at too. Just, opportunity comes when it comes. Tbh, if you can choose something that you like most, its a bless.

      I hope that you'll decide well. Good luck! and congratulations for finishing your diploma. Thanks for visiting this site :)