Saturday, February 13, 2016

Taiyou no Uta (A Song to the Sun)

I have been addicted to the song of the drama ever since before I watch the drama
Erika Sawajiri brought me to feel close to her acting 
since I watched her acting in One Litre of Tears

When I searched about it
there are few versions about it
but I don't dig about it much

back to this
this drama comes with few conflicts but not much angst within
the focus come with how Amane Kaoru live up her life
until her last breath working on her dreams
letting go a surgery even to chase her dream to sing
She was diagnosed of having an illness called XP
which not letting her to go out exposed to sunlight
of death will come to her

What I like about the drama is
of how they portrayed the strong and of how someone trust
the one that feel dear to them
even some people said drama wont bring much effect
for me , it depends on how people see it
I see it in a sense that one should give up on what they want to do
yes , as a human being , we might not have much strength as what drama portrayed
I dont thin everyone will do the same exact thing of what a drama told us
but at the least , learning something from what we watch is also a lesson

if you are interested to watch the drama
youtube has them but not uploader get them all I guess (IDK)
but I watched it here > Taiyou no Uta
this comes with english sub so guess it is okay

until then minna san !