Monday, January 27, 2014


now the FIRST SENSIBILITY is outtt !!!

OMG You can't even imagine how good the medley is
and if you want to help to rank this medley up
make sure you listen in the daum cafe okay?

here is the link

So i want to say sorry in advance
since I can't help to translate and all
so yeah
lets wait for official translation

this is the track list
have a good look at it okay?

till next entry

#2YearsWithBAP . Worldwide trending. ( Twitter Updates ) 140127

bys fansite came out with the post on having a trending hashtag  on twitter
here's the link 

what's funny is that
it gets earlier than that
( if counted from my country and if based to Korea's time )
well nvm

I do some screen captures
because #2YearsWithBAP is now the first at the worldwide trending
you should know how happy I am watching all the wishes from Babys around the world
and I wonder how would B.A.P react if they read all those millions of tweets
their hearts must be happier ain't it?
hee , hope so

screep captured by me at 140126 (11.38pm)
so at this time , the hashtag is at the 3rd rank

and this is at the time stated in the picture
the hashtag is on the 2nd place
Our Babys are awesome right?

and for worldwide

and this is for the rest
( credits go to all stated name )
~advising to follow them since they are updating about B.A.P frequently  :)

P/S : all these are screen captured by me
sorry if I didn't credit you in a proper way

© B.A.P Fan Club

© @bangtist

© @bangtist

© @bangtist

© @bangtist

© @bangtist

 © Angeli

© @BaByz_aNGelz

© bysfansite official twitter account

this is the full picture
© bysfansite official twitter account

© Baby Bangster's 

© BABY Philippines

This is the full picture
© BABY Philippines



and Himchan also comes out with new tweet
and Jongup RT sth
you may refer here
( refer to the first two )

and I have stuck at this laptop doing all the hashtags
lols actually I have wrote what I want to say on the 2 Years With B.A.P
and I am so sleepy right now
( it's 3.19 in the morning btw ~_~ )

alright peeps
good night ^^


Saturday, January 25, 2014

B.A.P 1004 MV teaser

OMG idk how to express 
with the right word on what am I feeling right now
feel like crying but happy at the same time

1004 MV TEASER IS OUT !!!!!!

things about today is
I can't online since yesterday ( for some reasons )
which make me a bit sad since I can't wish Youngjae earlier
since his birthday is today
but I did just now ( via twitter )
and knowing that the MV TEASER is coming out
OMG , I burst out with tears
can't you see how happy I am ?

source :

happy birthday Youngjae
wishing all happiness for you
stay cool
keep on leading the vocal
you are the best
can't call you oppa since we are at the same age :P
even we are not in the same year line
( he is 1994 , but his Korean age is the same as me )

saeng-il chukkhae Youngjae-ssi :)

another present gave by Youngjae to Babys is his voice
wanna hear?

140124 Youngjae's Hidden 10-second message by bysfansite 

this is so sweet
thank you Youngjae :)

and pertaining to the MV Teaser 
there is one issue arose when it comes to the knowledge of Babys
that KBS aired the literal MV of 1004
but BYS has came up to explain on the issue
 here is the link for further reference:

so it explained that it only the extended preview on KBS
not the MV

moving on about the album info
well there is update on buying it through international fanbase
but perhaps it is a bit hard for me since I have to change the money
and the period on getting the album might be longer
but for Babys who want further info
here is the link

but as for me
I think I am going to buy it from Malaysian fanbase
( since I am from Malaysia )
but I did not fill in any form yet
( as to the moment when I am writing this entry )

so to any Malaysia Babys
if you want to buy FIRST SENSIBILITY ALBUM ( pre - order )
you can go this link

So what do you think?
should I buy this album?
Of course I am

well let's not talk about money coz I know I will never get enough of it
since I am still a student
but as for this album
this is the first full album
and I am anticipating about it
and after I bought B.A.P 2014 Season Greetings
I thought I am not going to buy any official goods
but you know
that won't happen since I am a Babys
how can I escaped from the feeling of buying any merchandises? 

well I am advising, to all fans;
to buy official merchandise
as to show your support your idols
I mean 
as long as you afford to buy it
go for official goods
at least it is original
and you know that type of supports
will bring happiness to you ( for having a quality product and other reasons )
and also help your idols
ain't it a win win situation?

well I am sure you understand this feeling if you are a fan to any groups :P

ouh yeah
another one is about Seoul Music Award

for winning a Bonsang Award

I honestly don't understand the whole video
( hope someone can sub this T_T )
 but still

The winners list for SEOUL MUSIC AWARDS :

Daesang Award : 

Bonsang Awards:
1. BAP
2. A Pink
3. B1A4
4. EXO
6. Cho Yong Pil
11. SHINee
12. Girls' Generation

Record of the Year in Digital Release: 
EXO - Growl

Record of the Year: 
Cho Yong Pil

Rookie Awards:
1. Bangtan Boys
2. Lim Kim
3. Crayon Pop

Hip Hop Award: 
Dyamic Duo

R&B / Ballad Award: 

Hallyu Special Award:

OST Award: 
The One

Popularity Award:

Mobile Popularity Award: 

Congratulations too to all winners

Alright peeps
I am still spazzing on the comeback
and these teasers make me more excited
I am waiting and anticipating more

and Babys
hoping for your supports for our beloved B.A.P
keep on working together and bring these boys up
they deserve it :)


till next entry 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Attached to Princess Hour

Hey guys
I just finished watching this drama

Princess Hour

You know how long for me to look for this drama
and how long that I take to finish watching this
well they filmed this long time ago
and I only managed to watch the full drama only at this age
what a loss
previously I did watch them but not the whole drama
which I am not sure why
but yeah
at least I am now

this drama is seriously daebak
The actor , actress , everything
I just love them all
awww I can still feel their cuteness all the way

Just a simple list on the drama cast

Princess Hour Main Cast

Ju Ji-hoon as Crown Prince Lee Shin

Yoon Eun-hye as Shin Chae-kyeong

Kim Jeong-hoon (김정훈), as Prince Yul [Hwi-Sung Dae Goon]

Song Ji-hyo as Min Hyo-rin (민효린)

These are the main cast for the drama
Well I guess I learned lot from the drama
You should watch it too if you haven't
well , till next time :)

140121 B.A.P Picture Teaser ( Korean Comeback )

Okay now I am going crazy ( lol , its a name of jieun and yongguk's song )
because their comeback picture is coming out !!!

said that its going to be on 3rd of February
OMG , I can't wait !!!

Picture taken at official facebook

The name is awesome
their styles are awesome
and again they change their hairstyles

That is the official twitter of TS ENT
Follow them here :

and another site to be refer on is the international fansite for B.A.P
They have posted that the website is currently down for some problem
( you should refer to the post posted by bys leader-nim on why it happened )

here is the link to read further

so any update
do follow and do whatever that you supposed to stay updated
they transfer everything to a blog instead

here is the link

another news

so Babys
keep yourself updated
3rd of Feb
marked on the calander
hoyeah !!!

fighting B.A.P :)

overflowing wallpaper

time is 8.21 am
and I am feeling excited to show you on how happy I am seeing my wallpaper

it might be nothing much but I it
no...I love this wallpaper

It is from their album BREAK OUT
I am using a picture like this but in different version
well buddies , Cassies especially
I am curious on what kind of wallpaper that you are using 
do share if you are reading this :)

and I am usually change my wallpaper between these two group that I am bias on
DBSK and B.A.P

I love it when the pixel is big
and it fills the screen widely

sorry for this random entry

till next time :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

my asianfanfic account

I am so into this site
which we called it as asianfanfic dot com
( If you love to read fanfictions or write stories , this could be one of the best site for you to visit , register and start up :P)

I wrote two stories
as for now 
I only have one "one shot" stories
which is already completed
and anther one is in progress

I do think that my stories ain't really create its attention for others to read
but I still think that the fault is in me
that I need to learn to write more
and read a lot
because I know that I am not that good in any of those fields

somehow I am happy that there still some who 
kindly gave their comments and viewing the stories

As for the picture
I just add her at the site
I am so happy that I got this reaction from her
thanks a lot

btw her profile picture is Kim Jaejoong
and yes , I am also think that out of all members , he is my bias :P
btw I am still cant decide of any specific bias since they are all so ... 
( idk on what reason should I put there :P )

I just love the way how he is
( I mean , how can you not??? :P )
Am always praying for his safety and success in his life

till next time :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Daehyun letter's to Babyz ( with english subs/translations ) 2nd Baby Day

I watched the video
and can't hide the truth that I can feel the emotions
when he said in those words
Thanks Daehyun-ssi 

Following B.A.P since early stage of their debut makes me happy
and listening to these words makes me happy
keeping updated about them also making me happy
I just can't express it to you
but I am Babyz would understand it ass well

I am always going to support these boys
as long as I could
that they could be the person that I could hang up into
that they could always feel blessed for having us supporting them

here is the video


[TRANS] 140112 - Daehyun's Letter to Babys ~

Before I knew it, the time I spent with you all has reached 2 years, 
and then was able to hold this fanmeeting with Babys. 
Three years ago from now, I was really a nobody, 
and because of that, I wasn’t that special either. 
I was a very normal boy who just fell into singing, 
because I really liked singing. 
To someone like me, 
a chance came to me where I would be able to showcase my singing to the world, 
and not just a small minority. 
Because I couldn’t miss that opportunity, 
I came up to Seoul,
 but Seoul was a very strange place for a Busan boy like me to handle,
 and it was a place where I had no foresight of my future. 
I really missed my family, my teacher, and my friends. 
Whenever I was frustrated,
 I would remember the time everyone gave their last farewells to me as they sent me off, and then I would fall asleep as I wet my pillow with tears.
 As those times that were really hard to bear passed by gradually,
 a really large transformation began to happen to me. 
To me who was stuck in despair alone because I was afraid and weary of the world, 
a bright light that was shining the dark cave began to appear. 
And that light was all of you, Babys. 
Whenever I think of you all, I wouldn’t feel lonely, 
and you guys became a really large source of strength to me. 
When I would go on stage and sing or when I would dance or when I would go overseas and perform or when I would meet with fans in the countryside or when I would return to the dorms in a tired state after schedules,
 you would continue to wave at me till the end until I would disappear from your sight.
 At the sight of you all supporting me, 
each and every day is really enjoyable, 
and every minute and second that I held through
 with just singing became really important and cherished. 
My wants to show just a bit more better side,
 a bit cooler side to everyone would grow and grow,
 so the six of us would practice crazily, 
and comfort each other, 
and that’s how we managed to run forth up till now. 
“Feeling like you’ve gained the whole world”, 
would probably explain my feelings right now as I’m reading this. 
I’m quite thankful that you all believed and looked at the six of us whenever and wherever,
 and I really thank you all. (Fans: Don’t cry!!)
In the future… I will show a better and more mannered side to myself for you all. Everyone, 
I sincerely really, really love you. 
Uhm… Honestly, I was embarrassed to read this, 
but I wanted to sincerely show my thanks to you all one day, 
so I decided to write it like this.
 And now we have a stage prepared next,
 but this stage is just for you guys out of the many people all over the world. 
So I would be thankful if all of you would receive our gift from your seats.

trans. cr; akdongs @ tumblr 

trans. cr; akdongs @ tumblr 

2nd B.A.P Baby Days

well actually I wrote this a bit late
2nd B.A.P Baby Day happened yesterday
but perhaps for some part of the world 
they still in their 12th of January right?

I just get back home
and this is the only moment that I can spend to watch all videos
or stay updated
It is kinda a rush since I am still having my last exam paper on this 16th.

All and all
this entry is going to combine some related to the title of the entry.
Oh yea
lets watch this video first :)

[ENG SUB] 131213 2nd Baby Day Greeting by bysfansite

(Official International fansite of B.A.P)
They wrote about the fan meeting together with the update
you could refer to it HERE

Posted at B.A.P Daum Cafe 
(B.A.P Official fanbase)
pertaining to the fan meeting
they uploaded a picture on official goods 

Here is the picture

How I wish that I can be there
but seeing the updates from all websites , twitter , official pages
those things are enough to make me smile looking at the pictures
I don't know how will I react if I was there in the hall

Here 's a fancam 
showing that they are dancing Secret's songs
 I still trying to brain my mind when I watched this
they are so cute


Thanks for having these B.A.P

I am so excited to wait for your comeback
get some rest
and fighting for everything that you do
Fighting neh? 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year ~ New me? 2014

Hello there
it is almost to 2nd of January when I am writing this post
11.41pm (time at my country)

well people keep on posting what they have gone through in 2013
while I can't think how to summarize them in a picture
( well it is to be exactly posted in instagram i guess)

somehow i actually not sure which is the most precious
and which is not

however I am kinda happy on how I spend or start my new year
well never mind on that though
a secret to myself :P

ouh now I am listening to JYJ - Mission
wanna hear too?
I guess I can put them up here 
wait up
( lol , its like we are having a conversation right? :P )

aite lets continue a bit

people said that time can make people change
so do I
where I think I sense that personally
perhaps it aint that much but ... yeah

so , last year
there were two semesters covered
I kinda lost my trust to some people
well that is normal perhaps
and also
I gained a new 'love'

2013 was also 
a year that I spend a lot on kpop
well honestly
buying merchandises
knowing kpop fans
writing fan fiction
subbing videos
downloading and uploading videos
well , i am happy that i am part of these
it makes me to stay in my world
well not really but perhaps in a good way that i could sense
myself XP

new me?
I might not really like to share what are the serious matters that I have been doing
well usually i am not
serious matter as in ...
"studies , business , bla bla bla"
well if you are close enough
then I could probably tell you
or you know it by yourself
coz it is obviously seen
when you are around me
but yeah
i do think on serious matterS

i have few wishlists that i am not really list them out
but i have them in my mind
something relating to money , studies and 
how to manage myself to be more organized?

I know I am not working hard enough like how others did
I rather take things lightly
coz burdening my head would seriously makes me look miserable
you havent seen my attitude when I look serious
but it seriously scared me
( i am scared to myself being serious? :P )

thus my way is always different to others
which makes me or more to push me to be alone
a little bit more

for example
when people are busy studying for exam
I can't bare to watch or speak to myself alone
it seriously bored to do so
( been there done that , coz nobody wanna talk to me - because they were studying)
since i do talk a lot
so i cannot stay in silence for a long time
unless needed

I am wishing for a lot more
on being a brand new me
in most matters
please pray for me
that i would be a better person this year

thanks for those who might keep on reading my entries these past few years
i really appreciate it
well I am sorry for not writing much
(as if people would care aite? haha)

all in all
do take care of yourself
love yourself
and appreciate others

1st of January 2014
TVXQ released out their new MV
named Something
do enjoy :)

till then <3