Saturday, August 30, 2014

apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang subjek semester 4 - UiTM AM225 ( simple descriptions )

i take quite a long time to have a feeling to write about this again
after my result was announced few weeks ago
it takes so much courage actually
lols , buat drama pulak

so here we go

descriptions about the table , from left  :


As usual , CSC will be divided to two parts
lab and normal class
the activity in the lab will take a lot of influence in giving you good marks
other than that
exam and do things as usual
study and study :P


This is focusing on how you write reports etc
well , tbh , idk much on how to elaborate about this subject
because during my time
there are different lecturers and styles
which makes it different style of demands on how will we get the marks
but , in basic , this subject needs you to construct and make a good reports
there will be a book to guide
and as common to all classes
we are depending to that book to study
I am sure , as time goes
the syllabus will changed too
since report is quite important to all corporate-sector-person-to-be
well I supposed :P
and other thing is , there will be no final exam paper for this


I really love this subject
idk but perhaps its more to what I am having interest in
this paper is really important since you will be learning on how a company operate
based on law perspectives
I still remember that my lecturer said that this paper is just a basic
( God , how I wish it is just a basic , haha ) 
but , this paper will be deeply touched at our final year paper
which is CSP ( Corporate Secretarial Practice ) paper --> 
( there will be paper one in semester 5 , and part two in semester 6 )
this paper need a lot of focus
idk , perhaps it is just me
but I am telling you , though it is an interesting paper ( if you thought as how I did )
it is really a tough paper IF ! , you didnt study XP


Well , there a lot of amendments about when this subject will be thought
but nay , I am not gonna tell about it here
so , this paper is about .... accounting management?
well , the title says it all
its totally different from financial account that we have learnt during sem 1 - 3
so yeah
happy learning new topics XD

ADM 501

It is the same as acc280 that there are some changes to this subject
but the contents are still the same
it is a bit similar to Human Resource paper
but its more to a basic touch on it
i personally don't take HR and OB paper as the same thing
since they touched on different field
but both can go well each other since they are filling the gap
of what a company needs to take and learn
so to score this subject , dont ever forget of what you have learnt in HR paper


it is the same as previous explanation in sem 3's post :)


ADS 557

this paper is about how you learn how to innovate new things
so technically , you will innovate new thing
and present it during your class
its really a project that you cant take it easy
and if you are taking this subject
MAKE SURE that you start your project early !
and at the same time , you need to focus on the final paper too
not much that I can describe here since
it will be more interesting if you feel it once you are in a class :)
since I am taking this subject , that will be the least that I can tell :)


the short term for this subject is ASEAN 
from what I heard and understand it is covering the details about ASEAN countries
but I am not sure on the details
I am so sorry


I am not sure if they will continue with this subject
but , during my time
they are abolishing this subject
idk if I should use 'abolish' , but yeah
the picture is
we cant take the subject
but if they continue this
from what I heard from seniors
this subject is a continuation from IR paper
which we learnt during semester 2
so yeah

IDK if this post will help you
it aint much
I am so sorry
but I do think that if there are people reading this
I am sure you are used to the system and technique that our university always do
pertaining to subjects etc

out of all


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kalander Akedemik (UiTM) September 2014 - January 2015

So this is the academic calander for GROUP B
which for those who will be starting the semester by this September

can refer to this link for the other groups too

and this will be focusing for September 2014 - Jan 2015 's calander
can refer to this link

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

own perceptions

for quite a long time 
blog has become my priority after few months ago
perhaps for the past 6 months or more or whatever 
lols , this is not a big issue though

as I grew and started to think seriously
I do think that my perceptions changed a lot
not that I didnt think before
but it grew a 'little' bit now
if you know who I am in real life
I am good at hiding of how serious my mind can go
because people always see kpopers that way perhaps?
I just dont care about those perceptions
what I want to focus in this entry on what I saw about myself

me in the past and my current self
is a bit different in a sense that the way I see things are different
I really want to achieve what I want and try to accept things easier
if I do think that it is good to me
well , you can accept and reject things
because its you who are deciding what you want aite?

I always appreciate all advises that everyone gave me
it still depends on me whether to accept or not
currently , I have been exposed to a lot of situations
which makes me to think further
and from all advises that I learnt that I am still lack in a lot of things

for the past few weeks
I was busy training my juniors for debate competitions
thing is , I learnt a lot from them too
on how to critically think ; back as how I was before
I am improving by time
which is what I hope I can do well
since I am still learning

learning can be in a lot of ways
it could be from anybody
even from a baby
or an old man
anyone peeps

" never think that we are good enough "
thats what I thought now
because for me
thats what I always say to my juniors too
realizing that I started to realize that for quite a while

it thought me that I shouldnt be afraid to ask
or to show myself
since everyone is still learning
thats what I thought
idk you
but for sure that you have your own style to think about sth

idk how to express on how I see things differently
it is sth that you feel inside yourself
everyone has different approaches
and I hope 
that you find yours too

I do take lyrics seriously too
since I know thats how I can be totally immersed in
I am trying to accept most things in more positive ways
trying to use what I have to be better
because for me
if I didnt help myself
I will just stay as how I am
I can never push people to accept on how I do most things
and why I am using music or whatever that I use to 
see things differently
it still up to you to decide on what you want

so I am leaving this entry from one of the song that 
gave me quite a deep touch in my heart
it might be a bit " hard " to some
but I really love this song
it thought me a lot

this is performed by B.A.P
and this is the Japanese version of it
the meaning is still the same as how the original version is
but the lyrics are changed a bit
but still the feeling the same for both versions ( for me )

I have shared the same thought about this song at AFF
well , some can adapt 
some is not
well as I said
it depends on the individual
nobody can force you to accept anything

I really appreciate that my bias group always thought me these thoughts too
thats lovely though
thank you so much for teaching me this B.A.P

I hope you can like this song and immersed with what
B.A.P is trying to say
the explanations about the song are everywhere
but it still on how you see it passed through your heart 

here I attach the Korean version of One Shot with eng sub
I am always happy to share anything about them ^^

and this is the original MV from TS Original Youtube channel

psst : 
other songs in this MV are 
1) PUNCH - played at the beginning of the MV
2) COMA - in the middle and the end of MV

thank you for reading :) 

thank you for everything

- sincerely , me -

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My AM225 Post List

I am going to update this when there are updates about
things related to the topic stated.
I am just posting these based on what I know
not necessary correct but that could be a reference
any confusion should be made by the student him/herself
before making judgement just based on my post
do refer to other sites too okay? ^^

this is important since I really want those who want to enter this course
to understand that you are going to enter a university
not everyone going to give you everything
you have to move you ass off
then only you can ask
lol , membebel pulak

so these what I can help with

( these are not conducted by me , lol , I am not in any organization at UiTM Seremban except for Debate , please refer to them for more official info , they can help up with that ^^ )
TWITTER (CASS) : @cass_info
SMF FSPPP : @smfscpolicy

(these are the descriptions about the subjects that we will take every semester)

if you have any question 

just comment below or under the post at any entry stated ^^
( will appreciate it if you can at least mention your name (nick name etc) so its proper ^^)
I am not promising anything , but I will try to help if I can :)


1. I am no longer studying and one should note that my syllabus learned are from old cohort
2. My notes are no longer relevant to be use since there are a lot of changes be it to syllabus or Act or other things that might be related
3. I will only reply from comment. So if you have any inquiries , do comment your thought here :)

thank you and have a good day 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I am not 100% right and wrong

As stated , this is what I felt through out this competition saying that I see its a must for me to install blog in my phone making it a bit different from my usual post habit.

I am totally agree that somehow, adult do things that benefit others which makes the younger better. However , to some adult, youngsters doing wrong in front of them and they mad but they didnt tell why they are mad at them makes me feel that they are not right all the time.

To one extend, being immature is really me. I am just 21 years old and expecting me to understand what you want is not me. Since i am learning to be better , i need justification on what I do wrong.

Well , thanks to some skills that makes me to question things on ... " hey , yeah i might do sth that is wrong , but what it is? " " why? "

I cant understand why you are mad if i didnt know why. Am not an angel knowing what u might feel and want. So tell me.

However , I do admit that I am an emotional person and I am still not good on saying things that is good for you to hear. For some reasons , my sarcasm is really high. Being a debater force me to be one. Well , its my choice. Not anyone else.

Blame me , yes. But justify. I am still not good to do sth bad and saying bad things to everyone that treat me good , however , I am also not good to be bias to myself. I am so sorry.

Through out the competition , I feel that there are a lot of things happened upon my decision to be here. Yeah , I might not helping much , but being here alone without any authority , though i am trying to rationalize things , to one extend ; I still see that people are using me and I really hate that sort of people for not being responsible and left everything for other people to do it for them. Shame on you.

Good that I have juniors that listen to me well. Thanks for at least making me feel that you guys are appreciating me as a sister. And back to topic , my stance still same that back to the status quo arised at the early para.


Friday, August 15, 2014

what do I have and what I dont?

so , result was out
and mine was terrible
and tbh , i dont remember that result will be announce today
what happened?

i was so busy with my work and training my juniors
we are going to have a debate competition that will be held this weekend
up to next week which depends on the performance of the kids
so when I went straight home
i was so tired , so I slept early
I manage to remember when I saw my friend congratulating me
which makes me 
" what did I do that make you say that "
thats what I thought
then only I remember that result was announced !

thing is
my result was bad
and idk why and what I have done to get that sort of result
what I felt rn might not be how I felt
since I am not having heart pumping fast since
I am not remember the result was announce though
so yeah
when I looked at my result
I was like
" ouh , its out "

ahhhh , should I feel bad?
should I cry?
should I feel miserable?
thing is , I am ... idk , heartless?
I know I am not doing much
but hearing that my housemate gets dean
i was "ouh" - ing again
thats cool syaf , clap to yourself and cry

that might be better to think of though
even I know I wont do that

for this semester break
i dont really get to just sit and enjoy my holiday
i was busy with works
training and on road in my car
and i feel bad sometimes that I didnt help my mother much
but idk , I know I am not good
thats why

things happened and I know
promising myself to be better can just be another word
that can be said every semester
just , to comfort yourself
and if that is the best that I can do
why not aite?

I do think that training my juniors makes me think sth that I couldnt manage to see
which is to just do our best , and let Allah do the rest
my passions , my dreams
might not be 100% at my studies
which I should feel bad
but at the same time
since there are a lot of things to be focus on
and I am still learning
I should always tell myself that
doing what I think is good to myself wont do any harm
and envy-ing others for getting better and I do nothing wont bring me any good either
so yeah
syaf , go and live your life
feel happy and strive harder.

I hope I can manage to handle myself better in the future


Sunday, August 10, 2014



1 ) My phone was trying to live happily while waiting to be broken soon

2) I am still working part time job with my friend

3) I am busy coming to school training my juniors for debate

4) I came home late , for having briefing and go raya at my teacher's house 
and it was too late , and get scolded , yeah , that was scary

5) you called , thanks

6) when can I just relax at home and enjoy my holidays?