Sunday, August 24, 2014

My AM225 Post List

I am going to update this when there are updates about
things related to the topic stated.
I am just posting these based on what I know
not necessary correct but that could be a reference
any confusion should be made by the student him/herself
before making judgement just based on my post
do refer to other sites too okay? ^^

this is important since I really want those who want to enter this course
to understand that you are going to enter a university
not everyone going to give you everything
you have to move you ass off
then only you can ask
lol , membebel pulak

so these what I can help with

( these are not conducted by me , lol , I am not in any organization at UiTM Seremban except for Debate , please refer to them for more official info , they can help up with that ^^ )
TWITTER (CASS) : @cass_info
SMF FSPPP : @smfscpolicy

(these are the descriptions about the subjects that we will take every semester)

if you have any question 

just comment below or under the post at any entry stated ^^
( will appreciate it if you can at least mention your name (nick name etc) so its proper ^^)
I am not promising anything , but I will try to help if I can :)


1. I am no longer studying and one should note that my syllabus learned are from old cohort
2. My notes are no longer relevant to be use since there are a lot of changes be it to syllabus or Act or other things that might be related
3. I will only reply from comment. So if you have any inquiries , do comment your thought here :)

thank you and have a good day 


  1. As salam. Just wanna ask. Kalau lepasan Diploma public administration kn boleh amik am225 kn? N lagi satu kalau amik am225 bagi lepasan dpa or am110 ad pengecualian semester tak? Seperti yang sedia maklum lepasan am110 akan dpt pengecualian semester kalau sambung am228..

    1. Wassalam. I will appreciate it if you can mention your name too ^^ Anyhow :

      1) Ya , dip public admin boleh ambil AM225
      2) saya tak berapa pasti ada atau tidak pengecualian kredit untuk AM225 sebab saya dari asasi dan tiada pengalaman pengecualian kredit. Maaf saya tak dpt bantu utk soalan yang ini . ><

      Harap ini membantu :)

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    1. Hi Nana , yes I have done with practical training. but sorry to say , I can't help to guide you because each supervisors will have different requirements for you to comply. Best practice is you follow BAS's research requirement as well as when you consult your supervisor. Not that I don't want to help you but I know my training basis is different because I am from old cohort. Hope you understand :)
      Best of luck !