Thursday, September 25, 2014

messed up ?

 my piling up works -urgh- cries

its freaking the third week
and now , I have started to sleep late
to finish up things

good thing about this semester is
I have to READ A LOT !
I do research before I go to class
and those things in book? 
its no joke that I really need to read it
but , thinking that I am already in my final year
this is like a 'willing' action
that you will 'willingly' do
since you know that you NEED to do it

ganbatte ne

if you wanna score
you have to work hard

think that this is because of Allah
since it sure need to be because of HIM
inshaa Allah
everything will be okay

* I really need to motivate myself a lot *

p/s :
another good thing is
i only have time to spazz or watch anime when all is done
but its only for short period of time
great huh?


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Le changes

Tonight I am happy that some of my works are done within a night. We planned to finish up our workshop ( which I at first suggest to finish it earlier and my friends are okay with the idea - oh God. Thanks to all of u ) and we made it !!!

We sure are so noisy discussing on how to finish it and deal with another work at the last one hour.

So , so far ; CSP and TAXATION . we have done our preparations. We did le exercise too which I really like it when we do it together with ur classmates. Shows whether u understood the topic or not tho its only chapter 1 ( its hella crazy since its tough am gonna say --- IF , you dont study of course XP ) .

but if you dont prepare from now , it might be hard later. Be it if people say that u are showing off studying earlier. Like HELLO , who cares. Its not like u r doing sth wrong. Haha

But i am sure that i cant study at home or else am gonna stuck with my animes etc. Lols. Since i know that , i took another alternatives for going to other places to study.

Its 2.19 AM now. Gonna sleep coz i have a class tmr.

See ya readers ^^

Saturday, September 20, 2014

mumble XP

I am writing at 5.09 AM
which is bad because its not that I just wake up
but I havent sleep lols whatever 
ignore it
good that tomorrow is Saturday
eh wait , it is today :P 

I am downloading an anime named PSYCHO - PASS
havent watch it yet but I got review saying that it is okay
so I am going to watch it soon
idk why but lately
I am a into all Japanese dramas , manga , anime
love it when I heard them conversing and I can revise what I learnt 
though its not all

and while waiting for that 
I re-customize my tumblr
which I have left for long
( sorry bb tumblr )
but yeah , I am back
and lols , idk when will I be active back
and yeah
I am quite busy with a lot of stuffs
but still looking for books etc to be real busy
since I really wanna start everything earlier this semester
( aiming for Deans , so yeah )

and other thing
I have slept earlier
and I drank coffee
I have headache because of that
and I dont really care about it
coz i wanna drink it
but I am mad to myself coz i drink it
haha , its complicated
who cares anyway

and I have lot of thoughts to write here
it might be changing to more " accepted " stuffs 
written in this blog
pertaining to my course
which idk if I can make it that way
coz usually I just wrote what I THOUGHT TO WRITE
( which might make some annoyed but idk and idc coz idek any evidences )

but yeah
that is why I might need some feedbacks
if my entry is not sth that you like though

until next next next entry :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


For a moment
my CHROME is full of advertisements
which fkcing PISSED ME OFF
like really

I am sorry 
but idk how to deal with these
as in
I have set up most things here
having accounts via this browser
and even now
for it is full with advertisement
I need to set up most things
which makes me lazy enough to update or online much

I do undertand for a reason that I do visit a lot of sites
but too much adds cant really be moved with adds block etc

actually it wont be really an issue
but since setting everything back takes a lot of time
aint nobody got time for that

I might need some other time to focus on this though

gomen ne
will take some other time to re-setting this 
i feel sorry to my internal phase thing ><