Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TRIANGLE ~ between love and hate

So there are people updating how great their Eid is
and here I am updating how 
I have a date with my Korean Drama XP

I have downloaded this drama long when it was released (2014)
too much affections for this drama
this is the first drama that Kim Jaejoong is the lead of all dramas he was in

I watched it half way 
and decided to keep it at paused due to my studies
as at a certain concern 
this drama needs more focus to understand it
adding up with the casino knowledge it in
well , its a new view to learn about

I would love to give all stars to this drama
not because it is bias
but because of the plot
just that , it concerns you with 26 episodes
thus , it might take some stars from your ranking
depending on the love level for the plot

even if I said that I like the plot so much
there are certain improvements that they might want to take into concern
of how slow they make the story be
though I understand that this drama involved so many thriller scenes
they don't have to focus much on the emotion much
although ... well , I have no right to talk much about this
however , the drama is still deserved a thumbs up

these are the OST of the drama that I can attached

Happy Eid and have a good day everyone ~





Saturday, July 4, 2015

Scrolling Down ~

It is kind of funny when I look into all my old entries
and see how I was complaining about things
and sometimes I pitied myself for that
it ain't funny but well , perhaps I am weird to look at it as it is

well I guess updating at phone makes myself a better person in developing the ideas
now I am lost of what to write

as I scrolled down
I can see how I treat myself differently to different situations and sites
how you have to be really thoughtful when you want to update your tweets
how you have to be really peculiar when you have to sub the videos
how to credit things
how to make sure that you feel good about posting things

things about internet and social medias are sometimes make me feel tired
as in there are too much of limitations that you need to hide
as to secure yourself and others
that is also a way for others to see you or the one that you are trying to fake of
but sometimes you showed the real side of you

well not much points to ponder but that's how it is
sounds complicated lols?
I am really impressed of how people can show themselves through medias
well , certain cultures or terms might limiting someone to do so
but I love to watch and read people's opinion on sites
its pretty interesting

when we tend to listen to others and see how they think about something
we might see things in a better or different perspectives
perhaps that is one of the ways to be better , or worst , idk
it depends on you of how to take it to your life as well

tbh , idk what am I writing right now , haha
anyway , I guess the way I am writing is improving from the past
but I guess I need to put down certain insecurities to myself and be more open with
somehow a better side to show
I guess when you go back to entries back when I start this blog
I was more open in sharing of things that I like and what I think about something
mostly now , my entries are more to how I see things from my perspective
but as I read it back
it aint helping me to be better , but I do feel bad at the moment I wrote those entries but well...
idk , this just sounds so complicated
sometimes I feel bad for lot of reasons

I have a long journey to go
I need to learn a lot
as I go through those entries
I know somehow
I have grown up a lot

I will try to be better in the future
and change my perspective to a better view as well
hoping that this wont be just another wish lists
but something that I will keep on paying attention on

idk if anyone read this that they will understand what I am trying to write
but lols , if you do , you are awesome , haha

until next time ~