Monday, January 12, 2015


I think I am rarely show hate on sth obviously especially if it comes for education thingy.

I have a paper tomorrow and I think I feel demotivated seeing the carrymark. Been holding and scolding myself to study but I just stare at the page blankly.

Till I chat with my friend "I feel like throwing my books now" and she was all worried.

I am okay. But I am just mad at myself that I didnt work hard enough. I know that I didnt but I cant. I am giving too much excuses for this which I should put myself in no position to advice others. It comes to that way.

I cant sleep but not utilizing it for study lalala. Lot of insecurities but I just need to better which require another hardwork done. Why am I so lazy like this? I hate this side of me.

I hope that I can pass my paper. Hope that my friends will do well too. Company account...thanks for being exist.

Me - 5.46 am
Exam paper at 9.00 am

Good night 🙇