Tuesday, November 18, 2014


<12.33 am>

WYAO stands for

perhaps its is not suitable for some people , sorry
but yeah , lets proceed

This is a special entry for a 'little' girl
she is a friend of mine that I havent meet
perhaps we can meet one day ^^

so now
this will be general since I am sure she will get it

so I have read your 'homework'
thank you for completing it
I appreciate that
tbh , I have a lot to say
since perhaps I have been there done that
so I will just say things based on what I think I should say
(make sure you read and listen to everything that I put in this entry XP)

1) for me , that song brings a lot of meaning towards me.
that was the song when I was totally into them.
that song brings me to one point that I should be on track.
but that aint the only factor. there are a lot ! freaking a lot
but its all up to you on how you want to use it
same goes to anything that you do
its all on you ^^

2) yeah , I will do the same ~ blaming myself for things that I think I did wrong. 
(sometimes I mad at others if I know I am not wrong , 
but I will end up fixing things rather than let it be , 
unless its totally unnecessary)
BUT , I dont agree you saying that you will feel that way .
people do have different kind of ways to express themselves , 
so it doesnt matter , it depends on you
on how you want to open up to others , 
but girl , nobody is higher or lower
everyone is working their ass off to get what they want
you are blaming yourself , that is one thing , 
saying that you feel stupid wont help you though
logically , sit there doing nothing ... okay , you can call that as stupid ><

3) For this , THERE , YOU SAID IT !
*clap clap*
but then , if you do nothing 
nothing will change
NOW (pats on you) , I know
its hard when someone that you trust said something like that to you
but seriously , it might hurt sometimes
but as you said , you need to respect them
so keep that respect on
work harder
prove to them that you can do better
make it as a good motivation
sometimes , some parents cant really express themselves 
saying lovey dovey words etc
and them being protective perhaps seeing that you are still young
I know you wont rebel , but trust me
they are just giving time for themselves
to let of totally get your own freedom soon
now , you are under their sight , protections
nobody will let their daughter hang out alone etc and be on their own
especially at your age
yes , they wont provide you step by step 'procedures'
but then
its up to you on how you want to adapt to it
you are a grown up girl aint you? 
expectations ... I dont think people would love to have it
yes , I hate it too
but without it
you will not accomplish anything (good expectations I meant)

4) being compared ...well , i think its normal
but nah , just....listen and keep on
well , I know it is not easy
but , there is nothing that you can do but to strive !
ITS ABOUT THE WAY YOU ARE <--- lols , am listening this now ><

these are my answers to answers that you gave me based on what I give you ><



I know you understand this better than me
I know how music works best on us
now , I guess this might work on you
coz it is on me ><

okay that wasnt the last part though
I have a lot more
lols , you should know how 'noisy' I am

everything is depends on you
its not that I havent face what you are facing now
what I did was , I study hard
mine was when , if I didnt pass that
I need to extend my time from entering degree

now , you still have a semester to go
which will be easier
you still have time
you have done your best for the past three semesters
just , a slight "mistake" is done for the last sem
so , like you said , you blame yourself
so now , will blaming yourself only; bring you something?
no right?
you gotta study from now on
use this holiday to work on that paper , study early
I have seen my friend with 4 papers
now he needs to extend way longer than you
so be grateful
that Allah tests you with a small test
or perhaps big , idk

but one thing about me
I am not saying that I didnt complain on things
I do
but I know I wont do that only
I know I have to strive to get things back
to fix things back
then thats how you can make everyone proud

You know
success is universal

I know you can do well
trust yourself more
be confident
try to prove to yourself that you can be better than 
what you are now
dont compare with others much
it helps nothing

I know I didnt help much
but I hope you wont give up that easily
I hate it if someone that I care do things like that
it hurts me
I am striving here
so I hope you will do the same ^^

now this is for you :)
<OMG , I am so gonna cry for having emoshinki rn, lols *hug you>

<A little Cassiopeia>

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


1.45 pagi

banyak sangat perkara nak dirungkai
external aku rosak
aku kena format
jadah semua benda aku kumpul bertahun 
hilang kejap je
nangis tak berlagu aku

aku tak sempat nak kejar benda lain
whatsapp kbnyknnya aku tak reply
call pun housemate sbb nak balik etc
and home ( I miss home so bad )
*praying for my little brother for his SPM , I know he is doing his best*

debate aku kena kejar juga
ada tournament bakal menyusul
aku malas sbnrnya
tapi keadaan dan tenaga kerja itu kurang
assignments bersepah
kebanyakan aku buat sorang
aku tak kisah
tapi dalam hati menyumpah
aku buat dgn kawan lain
dia ada , tapi tak datang
sudahnya hanya menaip
aku menyumpah tak habis
bukan satu assignment je dia buat macam tu
aku rasa nak mencarut kat dia
tapi tak boleh
dia nak membahan , tak tgk lagi aku bahan orang macam mana
aku tak tau nak fikir apa
jadi aku diam
tunggu masa
yang lain pun tahan sahaja perangai dia
markah atas usaha orang
tak rasa bersalah ke?

aku geram semua benda
kuiz aku markah teruk gila
mid term jadual macam apa
aku nangis habis paper sebab serius macam final
tambah satu carutan sbb mmg aku akui
pentadbiran fakulti agak lemah dari segi ini

banyak lagi benda aku tak sempat buat
AGM tak buat lagi
CCM talk tak de lagi
debate tournaments lagi
presentation bersepah macam jadah
study lagi
final nak dekat dah

membahan kenapa kelas akhir sem kena blended sebab
budak dip nak masuk
padahal awal sem tu diorang tu final jugak
kitorang tak de kelas kot awal sem tu
kena ganti kelas sebab diorang
apa jadah suruh pindah fakulti macam tu
diorang duduk kolej kot
bagi je la kelas petang
macam **** je asyik nak mengalah
okay sorry

suatu perkara
aku tak suka commitment buat masa skrg
komitmen nak datang awal
komitmen nak cakap baik2
komitmen nak kena belikan top up utk orang padahal aku ada hal
perkara remah , waktu busy
andai disentuh
diam mungkin perkara terbaik

for anyone
kalau ada sesiapa yang terasa ke
aku jawab macam nak tak nak
kalau kau tanya pasal assignment
kalau kau kata perkara yang aku dah kata aku tak suka
etc etc
aku biasa tak jawab , hanya diam
nak marah ke apa tak reti
aku tak tau la aku ni jenis apa
nak whining pun sorang2 kat sini lah
aku memang begini

banyak sangat aku mengalah
pendam sendiri
aku tau , ada juga perkara yang orang mengalah
for me
tapi tak semua
aku hanya mampu doakan kebaikan utk mereka yang buat baik kepadaku

for years I havent meet my best friend
for years I didnt meet the one that I trust the most , but he left me
for a lot of things that I keep to myself
for everything that I can just pray the best for
what else others expect me to do?
I cant even handle myself
now what?
I hate expectations
I cant split myself and faking things
I am tired of it
for once I did it
I lost my trust entirely
for once I was hoping
I can just look at it and stare , do nothing , cry
now what?

I am not strong
I am tired
I know Allah gives me a lot of chances
I know that Allah knows that I can face all these
but for once , what I need is

space for me to be myself
for others to compromise how complicated I am
when I can consider about theirs

maaf , entry campur bahasa
aku tak perlu perjelas semua perkara
orang hanya akan faham surface sahaja
faham bagaimana pun mereka
mereka tiada di tempat saya

Halwa telinga pagi ini

Korean Version

Chinese Version

me , 2.41 am

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Annyeong ~ fanbase

For things that I have put my heart to it.
For a place that I decided to stay when my heart is broken because of 'those' people.
This fanbase helps and makes me feel a lot of things.

Thank you for these 9 months.

I will cherish every moments there.