Sunday, May 1, 2016

A new pace (?)

Am writing this (on May 1st) in the midst of thinking of what I should plotted down , so that my paces after this will at least be ...smooth (?)

Last time, I went to my friend's graduation. Should there be a moment for me to remember what I should be doing now ; its when graduation songs were played and I sang weakly with them waiting for my friends outside the hall. I was sad. I should. Thinking that I should graduate now. But then I know things are better with what they are now. Am happy then. Silver linings are showing .

Lets come back to the first para that I wrote above. The moment when things are starting to change now. Of how you work on things and all. Friends are there when they are there. And everyone are working so hard at what they are doing now. Its good to see everyone is working so hard. But then all are working on their own , penetrates a sparks that...ahh, we are all grown up now. New environments are coming and you are growing up to a more challenging environments. It wont be easy , I know.

Which of why , somehow ... being a 'bold' person I am ; I am still scared.

Praying that everything will go well and everyone will success on their own paces :)