Saturday, June 28, 2014

140628 #HappyDaehyunDay , #BAPBangkokAttack and #Ramadhan2014

and hye to all readers
I know there ain't much people reading my blog
unless for some purposes
but it is okay
I just like posting things and bragging alone :P

so today is 28th June 2014
three hashtags that I have been using today

1) #HappyDaehyunDay

this is the hashtag that we use worldwide for Daehyun's birthday
I did posted mine at my instagram
byane , lately , I usually posted once and that's it
not that much spazzing like I was before :P
( freaking using hashtag to help )
well , for some reason , I turned that way
no blame or offences ><

so , Happy birthday Daehyun
lets fight together , you are at the same as me
so , lets be at the same par at least
don't leave me fighting chasing your achievements alone :)

thanks for being exist Daehyun-ssi :)

cr as tagged

2) #BAPBangkokAttack

this is a hashtag for B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH @ Bangkok
well , I do some updates at / cough / fan ______
and streaming the concert
thanks to the one who share the link
hugs to you

as tweeted by some fanbases
this LOE will be the last for this year
( sobs , please come to Malaysia next year T_T )

and Yongguk tweeted all the places
and write
marks the end of LOE this year
that reminds me of the reason and theme for LOE
when they started the journey at the early year

( I missed when I spazz a lot about you B.A.P >< )

3 ) #Ramadhan2014

Alhamdulillah , Allah gives us chances to live
and be in this month of Barakah
Ramadhan Kareem !!! Allahu Akram !!!

( there are a lot of feelings talking about Ramadhan , how I survive surviving my school , the moment of Sahur , breakfasting , at home , schools , getting wishes , surviving all hardships with everyone , omg , tears tearing up , idk , I should be happy arriving at this month , I know , thanks to Allah , providing the chances letting us to keep on gaining His blessings , why we as His servants always take things for granted? why me as a person cant be good enough? As a Muslim , this is something that I am proud to say , that I am a Muslim , but when I think back , there are a lot of things that I need to do , to learn and be a better Muslim. Lets be a better Muslim neh? Lets work hard fighting for His blessing and Jannah ^^ )

p/s :

there are only few days left for next final exam paper
but I havent touch anything since the last paper
feel so blurr and a bit lost today
I need to get back to track ><

I whatsapping with my brother
I miss him so much
we talk a lot though that was at 1pm +
haha , take care bro

I do talk to my older bro before my paper
its my routine before any paper
to call my mom , and my older brother

glad that everyone at home are doing great
I need to study I think
People are going to start fasting tomorrow
lets .... get a lot of His blessings this months and afterwards :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jaejoong - thank you

I have a lot to say if I wanna talk about him
but I will just make it short

Kim Jaejoong
a simple guy who also growing up and always work hard
to get what he wants
and stands where he is right now

( cr to owner )

I admire him a lot
and of all years knowing most idols
I choose him to be in my bias list
( I have other bias too , but Jaejoong is my UB )

I wonder why I choose him
You have all reasons to choose other members too
( since everyone have a high potential to ruin your bias list :P )

I am just ...
I don't know
he reflects myself quite a lot
perhaps on certain areas
but I know through all biases that I have
I know , I can learn sth from them

he always show his smiles
working hard in everything that he do
but he always hide his sadness
although most of us know he is hiding it
but I always thank him
for always being strong and keep on walking forward bravely

As for Jaejoong
we all know his hard works to survive
when he need to decide to start the lawsuit with the 'company'
and settling the case did take such a long time
that I am not sure how long he has endure it

if fans can cry all hard for things that happened
I wonder how strong he is to survive that alone
( along with other members too )

and as a fan
I do realize that he knows what he did
and we all support him for everything that he does

same to other members too

wishing all of you happiness and success :)

I miss them so much :3

I re-watch COME ON OVER
and watch back how he spends his time with everyone
he always makes me think that
smiling and happiness are sth that you should portrayed
so that , everyone will become stronger too

coming along with the issue that I just mentioned
I am sure all of us
( DBSK and Cassiopeia )
do learn a lot and unite together 
to make a stronger bond
and stronger fandom + family

I did mention to the rest
yes , I am a new Cassiopeia
I need to read and learn a lot
but this family is so strong and supportive
makes me happy and continue staying no matter what

knowing them
knowing Jaejoong
though its only virtually done
I can feel that working hard is sth that we cant complain about

people might say
" well , you could learn and know that fact from nowhere "

each of person have different way to learn things ain't it?

Jaejoong and all my biases thought me a lot too
same goes to everyone in the fandoms

as for this entry
I want to thank Jaejoong
for being exist
I know , it must be hard
to do things that you like freely
but I am sure you are strong enough to face everything
along with those who are close to you

keep on doing good music
keep on inspiring us
keep on being you
( I know you always be )
coz , we are all human
and as an idol
you do a great job

I love your voice
I love your determinations
I love everything about you Jae

I enjoyed last comeback of yours
WWW is a great masterpiece !

( cr as tagged)

good luck for this upcoming comeback
I am anticipating for it :)

JYJ Fighting
DBSK Fighting

I will keep on supporting you
Jaejoong , Junsu , Yoochun , Changmin and Yunho
for everything that you do

I always believe
and will wait for the time to come

Always Keep the Faith <3

(cr to owner)

a/n :

I might wrote sth that is wrong
( referring to fact or in choosing the right word)
I hope you can forgive me
there are a lot to tell if it is about your bias aint it?
but writing all cant express it well
since it is depending on how you feel the feeling to yourself

 peace :)

short post - fancafe

I supposed to study
and now I remember to check my level at fancafe
and now its not staying but going down

now I need to re-submit my application
if I am staying at level 1 , I can't go to expert member
which will be at level 3

why it has to be now
I hope they will upgrade mine later

idk if I am mad whatever
some already said that I need to re-submit 
since they are changing the rules
some says no I should not
since I am already at level 2

nothing much that I can do
I can only re-submit and see what will happen

I should always check my Daum email as well
not my regular email only

thats all
I need to settle this and continue with my books !

sobbing at 4.38 am
not to worry
just wanna write sth here 
thats all XP


update :

I have registered my re-submission
and gdi I did it twice
I thought I sent wrongly at first
and I resend it another one
luckily I changed my answer at the second submission
( hope ts accept it , kkk )
uwarghhh , why I need to struggle for this?
and I know I dont mind
but ... ehm

kalau la kau tahu betapa susahnya nak daftar benda alah ni
dangan tak tahu baca hangul nya
nasibla ada orang tolong translate
dengan bantuan google translate juga ye kawan2
aku rasa nak nangis daftar 

but well
at least I succeed it !

lets wait for the result of the submission
if not , I need to keep on applying XP

update at 5.03 am ^^

Sunday, June 22, 2014

class trip , mind talk

aku tak tahu la apa masalah
suka sangat update waktu 3 - 4 pagi
mungkin sebab dah terbiasa
ada idea waktu macam ni
atau sebab tak de mood nak buat apa2
jadi menulis nampak macam perkara baik untuk dilakukan
haha , abaikan

semalam aku keluar dengan kawan sekelas
ke ulu bendul
it was all planned
seronok la sebab konvoi ramai-ramai
tapi sekejap je trip tu 
sebab pergi lepas solat jumaat
before maghrib kitorang balik

seharian ni
aku tidur macam tak sedar diri
qadha tidur ke apa aku tak tau
penat macam tak ingat dunia
padahal bukan membanting tulang ke apa

jadi malam nya
konon rasa bersalah
buat bajet rajin study

*padahal tak sedar diri , paper dah dekat

sebab tengok orang lain belajar
aku pun start la belajar
setengah jam belajar
sejam tengok video
mana la nak buat study group macam ni
aku mmg belajar macam ni

*mampu tgk video sbb aku start awal kot
kot lah :P

aku kalau belajar
kalau agak dah tak boleh masuk
tangan gatal sentuh semua benda lain
main game la apa la
sampai rasa macam ada aura rajin tu balik

tadi dah cover few chaps
tinggal few
and nak buat past year

aku risau jugak
sebab mula tadi macam tak sedar diri
paper first ni lagi 3 hari
mula konon nak gelabah ayam sebab tak start apa

aku sejujurnya
tak suka tengok orang lain belajar
sebab diorang tumpu sangat 
macam tension aku tengok
jadi tu sebab aku biasa study sendiri
tak kacau orang

tak semua orang jugak
nak share apa dia ada
contoh kau buat latihan akaun
certain je yang rajin nak ajar
di saat kesuntukan masa nak kejar waktu exam ni

tak semua
baik nak dahulukan orang lain
tak semua juga
kedekut tak bagi ilmu yang dia ada

tu sebab
aku mula dan gerak dengan sendiri
kurang lebih
usaha sendiri

dalam masa terfikir nak exam ni
my fingers did count the time for Ramadhan
dah dekat juga
Moga Allah panjangkan umur kita ke arah bulan Ramadhan.

Inshaa Allah
ini pertama kali aku berpuasa di tempat baru
di kampus dan situasi baru
dua minggu lebih dalam bulan Ramadhan di sini
( kalau dalam kiraan la )

Moga dipermudahkan semuanya


belajar tu
bergantung pada tahap kau
aku tahu 
usaha aku mungkin tak banyak
( tu sedih ya Rabb nak mengaku )
sebab aku macam tak serious
marilah kita study sama2 ye ~

semalam kiki kata
" kenapa nak compare dengan orang ? compare dengan diri sendiri sudah "

thanks for reminding me
lets , be better
in our own way

Friday, June 20, 2014

I am glad

its 4.18 am
just finished printing my japanese script
and editing video which was done hours before

that my skills or experiences in subbing videos can be used here
it tooks me less hours
but since I played a lot
so it took me longer
we are done with it

I just wanna say that I am glad
thinking back to the start
I am partly in most things in the project
so I am glad
I can't received other's efforts more in all things

thus for this
though I know it is not good enough
but alhamdulillah
we finished it

ahh I am so hungry
but I need to sleep haha

oyasumi ^^

p/s :
so you are coming back home next week?
well , my final paper is right a day after that
hope you enjoy home
I know you miss it
glad , that we will be on the same land
again :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

bicara v tulisan

aku ada hadiah
lagu je la mampu
seharian aku dengar lagu ni
( nampak tak main jer kerja dia :P )

aku rasa baik aku attach dari ori channel je la
attach yang dari yg sipi2 macam akaun you tube aku
takut ada yang kena delete video la apa la
faham sangat sebab aku selalu kena
pasal copyright
kbye :P

mohon stop kan lagu di atas bahagian blog
and play this song instead XP

btw aku lupa
aku ada di blog
bajet nak brag pasal banyak sangat akaun di SNS
orang lain pun ada
jujur , aku sampai tak tahu aku ada akaun dkt celah dunia yang mana
tapi kebanyakannya berkaitan minat sendiri 
jadi aku tak kisah sangat
jadi , abaikan

hari ini 
gatal tangan mahu mencoret
aku mahu gelak
akan gelagat manusia
aku tak terkecuali

aku selalu fikir
susah tak nak sentiasa positif?
aku yakin jawapannya susah

se dalam mana falsafah mana kau pakai
kalau rasa nak nangis tu
nangis jugak

sejahat mana pun kau
nampak kucing kelip buat2 comel
kau cair jugak
( kot la , kalau aku , kucing pun aku tak tau aku rasa apa pasal dia )

berbalik pada para pertama di bawah video
pertamanya , tak semua manusia tu baik
ya , itu betul
siapa mampu jadi malaikat?

kau tahu
orang akan bertingkah laku berbeza di luar dan dalam
aku mampu perhati
aku tak nafikan
berada di dalam alam maya
dengan pelbagai muka ( pages )
aku nampak at least 60 % atau lebih
macam mana manusia itu berkomunikasi

aku mahu sentuh
mereka yang di alam maya berbeza
dan di dunia nyata berbeza

di twitter , dia punya beribu followers
di dunia nyata
orang pun tak mahu bercakap dengan dia

dia tak selalu ada di alam maya
tapi dia still tak bercakap jugak

kat dua2 dia cakap bnyak


and the list go on

aku rasa
aku di list yang ketiga

aku mmg bnyk cakap pun

tapi aku tak nafikan
tak semua nak dengar kau cakap apa
dan tak semua akan lakukan apa kau harap dia akan lakukan
sebab ya , semua ada hidup memasing

aku biasa akan bicara
kat mana yang aku rasa nak cakap
kadang kalau rasa tak nak post dkt twitter
aku post dkt tumblr
atau weibo
atau insta
atau another twitter
atau LINE
atau ...

penat la tulis
sebab banyak cakap
semua benda nak tulis
kalau ada yang faham tu bagusla
tahniah untuk anda
haha ^^

luah di sini
aku tulis
nak cakap
tak semua nak dengar
sebab semua sibuk kan
dan bukan kata tak de orang nak dengar
sebab semua mengelat
tapi tak semua perkara
bicara itu jalannya


jadi semalam aku buat akaun soundcloud
semua nak cuba
tak de kerja
dah la malas
main je kerja

tak pe la
aku teruskan cerita
aku buat akaun
aku upload beberapa lagu
dan pagi tadi aku buat playlist
boleh tahan best la jugak
best la buang masa
( kan? <----- konon nak marah diri sendiri >< )

dan aku buat kat asianfanfic juga
yang aku akan update tulisan aku nanti
bnyk sangat nak tumpu
aku rasa nak campak semua idea
terus tertaip sendiri
tak boleh ke?

bnyk perkara
minat aku ni macam nampak tak de kerja
dan buang masa
tapi aku kisah apa
pandai sendiri la
belajar kena ada juga

tapi cerita dia
aku malas belajar
baca je pening kepala

cuma tu sebab kot
orang tak boleh belajar dgn aku
belajar dengar lagu
malas sikit main game
bosan sikit tgk drama la apa la
update itu la update ini la

oh aku baru habiskan satu anime
dan cerita korea
( cerita tu dah lama tgk , ada bbrp episode je tak habis )
ehm k :P

kesimpulan entry ni
aku malas
cuma tak tahap dewa

ada satu perkara
kalau ada yang baca entry ni
dan meraka dari kalangan sahabat handai




lagu di atas tadi
dari kumpulan BTS ( Bangtan Boys )
that was from their latest comeback
before releasing another repackage of SKOOL LUV AFFAIR cd
so yeah
kinda adore these dorks so much :P

rajin nanti
aku tulis lagi
> <

and ouh yeah
title song untuk album tu pun best
nanti la
bila2 aku rajin
aku attach :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Imy ~

having a lot to be done
I am doing things miserably
lols , sometimes
most times tbvh

I am in a condition
that hardly can get enough sleep
and leisure time?
I am 'stealing' some times to do it

some must have been listening to all these stories
tbh , I rarely changed tho
*cries Han River

right now
when I am 'stress' doing my works
I remember my brother's advice
omg , I miss him so much
when I came back home last time
he only stayed at home only for few moments
because he has commitments with his works

I miss my little brothers too
those innocent , pabo and brilliant brothers
who rarely want to listen to what I said
but will do it eventually


I am just .....

I miss them so much :)


Thursday, June 5, 2014


Ton of works need to be done
I know sometimes
what I said or thought 
can't be accepted by some
be it to any entries posted
or anything
I am sorry if I offended anyone

first thing
study is still my priorities
unless I see the way to other priorities at this age
with someone who can commit when anything pertaining to me
I might move the priorities to other things too

need to be understood that
music or other interests are only an interest
yes , I might be obsess
but that's different thing

I am still a human
I make mistake too

it just
this is me
to not take things in sudden
I mean ... not in the state that I want to take anything yet

if I am ready
I will be ready
to any arguments
or anything else that matter

its hard to post or tell people with what you thought
that is why I post it here
at this blog
coz at least
I am still doing the " story telling "
tho it might make some mad at me
idk and I might not care
or I am heartless

why I always make myself sounds pathetic

I am sorry if I make anybody feel offended
again ... I am sorry

for no solid reason
to unknown person
I am apologizing

for everything


what did you say?

one thing people have to understand is
I am not writing to favor everyone in the world to read it
just ... it is a way to express what I thought
etc etc etc

I feel a bit messy right now
for those who followed my story
might be knowing about that " i am not comfortable " post

aku kadang rasa bersalah dekat dia
sebab dia masih kawan yg baik
jujur dia baik
tapi aku tahu , batas tahu aku itu
hanya sekadar kawan semata
tapi aku bukan kawan rapat sampai tahap
kalau aku cakap apa aku rasa dkt dia 
adalah sesuatu yg mampu digapai
sebab dia tak rapat

faham tak agak2?

dia macam...
aku tak rapat dgn dia
tak kan tetiba 
" ehm , i dont think i have same feeling towards you? "
tak kan nak macam tu kan?

dia rasa bersalah datang bila
bukan dia yg meluahkan
tapi kawan2 dia
dan aku tak suka
sbb dia menjadi alasan kukuh untuk aku jauhkan diri
sebab pertama aku telah katakan aku tidak selesa
kedua , aku rasa ... " OMFG , CAN THEY JUST STOP? "
ketiga , aku akan rasa , adakah dia yg menggunakan kawan dia utk perkatakan perasaan dia?
keempat , if yes , omg , macam mana hang boleh terfikir benda macam tu?

entry ni bercampur bahasa
aku tak tau nak cerita dekat siapa
tambah dengan keserabutan dengan final exam
pasal diri sendiri yang tak berapa nak matang lagi ( mungkin )
dan submissions
dan belajar
dan spazzing

aku jadi takut pun ada
sebab contoh
aku buat baik dengan dia
orang ingat aku suka balik dekat dia
orang lain sibuk buat apa?
biaq pi la nak baik ka dak
masalah dia la ni , tak salah pun dia suka
aku tak kata pun aku suka dia balik
dah orang lain duk campuq sibuk buat apa?

haa , utagha pulak keluaq
tak , aku tak tau nak kesian ka apa
I cant be free
sebab .... aku dok ada setahun lagi nak belajaq
satgi dok buat orang terasa ... payah

dia bukan permasalahan besar
bagi sesetengah orang mungkin
haish , aku tak tau nak cerita macam mana

dia macam
sbb ... aku tak suka dipaksa
dan tetiba benda ni jadi
hang nak suruh aku react macam mana?
dok paksa diri aku suka kat dia?

la ni
orang yang aku suka pun
kalau tak suka aku balik
aku kena belajar move on
now , if someone like me
I have to force myself to like him back?
on what basis you used to argue with me?

macam mana hang nak suruh aku suka kat orang?
sedangkan aku sendiri rasa diri aku tak terjaga?

bukan aku tak nak ada hubungan dgn orang
cuma ... bukan sekarang
atau mungkin ... aku masih menunggu seseorang?

aku tak pasti
but I can't yell on his face
" i have someone "
since I am not sure myself if I have any

sounds pathetic
but yeah

aku rasa
yang faham aku faham kot macam mana

thaqif , kiki
kenapa korang belajar jauh sangat ?????
aku nak cerita pun boleh via phone ja



another one
dont talk about things that I know
that you dont know
or you know nothing
coz it hurts me
to let others know sth that he/she doesnt wanna know
just because he/she likes to be my friend

supporting is okay
but if ! 
you talk about things that I love
you are so out !


macam yang orang tahu
aku tak la gila kpop ( lah ... sangat XP )
tapi dia jadi keadaan yang awkward
apabila kau berkata tentang hal yang aku tahu
dan apa yang kau katakan itu salah
dan aku tahu kau tak tahu
atau buat-buat tahu
aku tahu bezanya

kau kena faham
bicara kpop ini berbeza dengan industri lain
sebab kau ber fandom
bukan sekadar suka berbasa basi
nam saying?
pengaplikasiannya berbeza
aku tak tau nak cerita macam mana

dia tak salah nak tahu
dan memang aku akan cerita dengan gembiranya 
kalau kau nak tahu pasal bias aku 
atau fandom atau benda yang aku tahu

ada masa dan nada yang aku akan terima
ia berdasarkan riak dan cara seseorang tu tanya
complicated bukan? haha ~

tapi buat buat tahu
dan membandingkan dengan yang tak setara
kau memang cari naya dengan aku

some says that it is scary
but yeah
you have to understand
it works that way
that is why I am drowning in my own world



Happy birthday to Micky Yoochun
byane oppa , it was yesterday
I wish you late
wishing happiness for you
with all my heart

I am praying that your smiles stay FOREVER