Saturday, August 30, 2014

apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang subjek semester 4 - UiTM AM225 ( simple descriptions )

i take quite a long time to have a feeling to write about this again
after my result was announced few weeks ago
it takes so much courage actually
lols , buat drama pulak

so here we go

descriptions about the table , from left  :


As usual , CSC will be divided to two parts
lab and normal class
the activity in the lab will take a lot of influence in giving you good marks
other than that
exam and do things as usual
study and study :P


This is focusing on how you write reports etc
well , tbh , idk much on how to elaborate about this subject
because during my time
there are different lecturers and styles
which makes it different style of demands on how will we get the marks
but , in basic , this subject needs you to construct and make a good reports
there will be a book to guide
and as common to all classes
we are depending to that book to study
I am sure , as time goes
the syllabus will changed too
since report is quite important to all corporate-sector-person-to-be
well I supposed :P
and other thing is , there will be no final exam paper for this


I really love this subject
idk but perhaps its more to what I am having interest in
this paper is really important since you will be learning on how a company operate
based on law perspectives
I still remember that my lecturer said that this paper is just a basic
( God , how I wish it is just a basic , haha ) 
but , this paper will be deeply touched at our final year paper
which is CSP ( Corporate Secretarial Practice ) paper --> 
( there will be paper one in semester 5 , and part two in semester 6 )
this paper need a lot of focus
idk , perhaps it is just me
but I am telling you , though it is an interesting paper ( if you thought as how I did )
it is really a tough paper IF ! , you didnt study XP


Well , there a lot of amendments about when this subject will be thought
but nay , I am not gonna tell about it here
so , this paper is about .... accounting management?
well , the title says it all
its totally different from financial account that we have learnt during sem 1 - 3
so yeah
happy learning new topics XD

ADM 501

It is the same as acc280 that there are some changes to this subject
but the contents are still the same
it is a bit similar to Human Resource paper
but its more to a basic touch on it
i personally don't take HR and OB paper as the same thing
since they touched on different field
but both can go well each other since they are filling the gap
of what a company needs to take and learn
so to score this subject , dont ever forget of what you have learnt in HR paper


it is the same as previous explanation in sem 3's post :)


ADS 557

this paper is about how you learn how to innovate new things
so technically , you will innovate new thing
and present it during your class
its really a project that you cant take it easy
and if you are taking this subject
MAKE SURE that you start your project early !
and at the same time , you need to focus on the final paper too
not much that I can describe here since
it will be more interesting if you feel it once you are in a class :)
since I am taking this subject , that will be the least that I can tell :)


the short term for this subject is ASEAN 
from what I heard and understand it is covering the details about ASEAN countries
but I am not sure on the details
I am so sorry


I am not sure if they will continue with this subject
but , during my time
they are abolishing this subject
idk if I should use 'abolish' , but yeah
the picture is
we cant take the subject
but if they continue this
from what I heard from seniors
this subject is a continuation from IR paper
which we learnt during semester 2
so yeah

IDK if this post will help you
it aint much
I am so sorry
but I do think that if there are people reading this
I am sure you are used to the system and technique that our university always do
pertaining to subjects etc

out of all



  1. Hye im just wondering if you can tell me more bout that innovation management. Im taking AM228 so yeah basically the elective are just the same . Can you please email me your reply? Cause i really need to know what is there to this sbject . Thankkk youuuuu ! (my email) :)

    1. hye iman , thanks for reading and really give a thought with what I wrote. basically , and honestly , I don't really feel comfortable communicate using my email. you can rep-up and ask here (I am so sorry for that) , and so sorry for replying this ; this late.

      innovation , so far that I have heard , the subjects for elective are changing , so idk if it is still available now , have you give it a check? which sem are you in right now if I may know? ^^