Monday, October 26, 2015

Thousand Years ...

Listening to Christina Perri's - A Thousand Years ; reminds me to a close friend of mine who has meet God long time ago. True that I was not her best friend but she was such an angel who will always create such a great memories to everyone around her. Her sudden death news made me freezed and I still remember that I can't even visit since I have test. The effect was not only to me but everyone who know her. Years and when my friends open up about her story , we will smile and stay in silent ; remember how great she was. She always showed to us that nothing is hard and always be happy with what we do.

I know Allah will always bless her soul. She deserved HIS paradise. For my dearest friend , thank you for being exist. I am so happy to know you once and we are all missing you.

For once , I am gonna let this song slide (I usually skip this song because it really reminds me to her) because although I am not that close to cry but honestly , your existence means something to us and we all know ; Allah loves you more than anyone in this world.

May Allah bless you and everyone around me always ~

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